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  1. Okay new update once again. Check it out and please tell me what you think xD
  2. I'd say option 1 with an amplifier, just because laptops and axiom midi keyboards aren't the sturdiest things out there so if you're gonna be beatin on em at shows and stuff then you need something more durable.
  3. UPDATE: New version! EDIT: Newest update is in first and newest post. next to work on is instrumental dynamics aaand whatever else you guys think i should work on, but let me know what you think!
  4. Just go find a free synth, generally all of them have white noise which is the 8-bit percussion noises you hear in nes songs. there's no cymbals or toms, just a beat with a lot of white noise;)
  5. Ok thanks a million for the comments, i have a lot of work to do but hopefully soon i will have a big update:) i used ni massive for the synth sounds and a combination of edirol orchestral and garritan personal orchestra for the orchestration for all wondering8-)
  6. I'm dan. i've been composing and arranging for a few years now. i've been a member here for a while but i haven't really posted much on here until now. i started working on terra's theme from final fantasy vi and am having a lot of fun with it (you can here it in the work-in-progress section) but yeah. i have experience with collaborations also. i use reaper and i love it, along with garritan personal orchestra, edirol orchestral, and native instruments massive synth mainly. nice to meet everyone
  7. UPDATED! I started working on this arrangement of the 'Terra's Theme' from Final Fantasy VI maybe a week ago, and it has eventually turned into what it is now. It's name is 'Wandering on the Moon' for now because of the pads and synths that I used. Please give me any kind of criticism you can. Thanks:)
  8. I use Classic Compressor. its free and it gets the job done http://www.kjaerhusaudio.com/classic-compressor.php
  9. not long from now i'll be purchasing about $700 worth of equipment for my studio so.. yea haha
  10. very cool synth you got there analoq a bit less than a week ago I made a VERY simple midi drumpad out of a broken headphone. it works pretty well actually. if i ever get a decent camera i'll make a video to show it off but until then.. you guys can just guess how it looks and functions.
  11. Thanks for the feedback Yeah, I was thinking about adding strings to the second umm verse?, so that it flows better with the chorus (i guess you could call it that then haha ) I will take your advice about adding bells or xylophone to the intro, too. I will also try and make some changes to it so that it is not so similar.. maybe when I add my guitar to it, it will change Thanks again.
  12. This is a song I wrote for my girlfriend a little while ago. Its called Sarah's Song because.. well, you can probably guess why Anyway: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=429925851 Its the first one that plays You can find all my other original songs there too. Im 15, btw
  13. I just got my new studio up and running, so instead of composing a new song, I wanted to try remixing for the first time The song I remixed was 'Corridors of Time' from Chrono Trigger. I call it 'Corridors of Light' ORIGINAL: I will be recording some electric guitar for it a little later, so be prepared for that Anyway, here it is: btw, turn up your volume, its a little quiet
  14. thank you so much, sixto. i'm just getting started into remixing (but i have been composing for a little while ) and with this thread, i can use my guitar in my mixes
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