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Calling all Electronica Listeners


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Hey guys,

So I dont know, I had the urge to make something pumpy and geared towards mainstream for my new project. I wont pretend to know anything about DnB cause in actuality I only know a small amount lol. This is my first ever attempt at a DnB track. Hope you like it

This is a WIP track. The solo comes in waaay too early and it's only a short portion of what I was able to accomplish tonight so just so you know. This will be deleted in the span of 1 day. Listen while it's hot!



I've gotten a few reviews back on this track and they're pretty positive but in the direction that I'm not looking for. The purpose of this track is to be some kind of club slammer, or at least something that can reach the venue. Reviews state that the track does come off too jazzy. What do you guys think though? Can this hit the club floor? Yes or No?

Yes I do have a high jazz influenced background but I do need something for "the club venue". I think it may be just a problem with sample execution and maybe over complicated the chordal patters (I tend to do that. Keeping it too simple doesn't come easy with me lol). Or it could be that the chord patterns were fine, I just needed to divert from the smooth sounding patches (the roads). Instead of the roads to fill it, add some synths, some more breaks and eq sweeps ect.

The problem is though I need the piano performance to come out no questions asked; basically my element. Like I said, the solo came super early in the above version of the recording. It'd sound much better later on in the track (damn well near hard as hell to play I'll tell you that much. Sort of Bebop ish lol).

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This is great but its more Dub than DnB. The drums you have in the background are the right type of drums but that's got to be more the focus than everything else you have. Listen to High Contrast or Logistics and you'll see what I mean about the drums.

On a side note, this could be played in a club, it just finding the right club. All genres have their crowds but I wouldn't try to play this in a big club. They want the stupid club dance shit that everyone who doesn't listen to Electronica thinks is cool.

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Hey Boz,

Thanks for the comment. The more reviews I'm getting, the more I'm begining to understand the nature of what I was initially trying to accomplish. DnB = heavy drum and bass presence (obviously lol) and like you said when I added the elements over that, it overshadowed the initial nature of the track and what I got was a dub track instead lol.

I will be listening to those recommendations so I can get a better understanding of what I was trying to accomplish but I'm pretty sure now thinking about it (and based off other reviews) that my intentions with this track were a little far fetched.

Might you suggest another genre that's popular and edgy and can still broadcast my artist preference as a pianist? Someone suggested pop...dont know how that'd work though...

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