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OST: World Molder


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You're music is interesting man. Didn't you do a Terranigma remix that's on VGMix? I know I've got it around somewhere. Yup, I do. I love that mix.

Anyway, this OST, I like it for the most part. It sounds sort of new age, but it has so many more layers than typical new age does. I also feel like there's a bit of Super Metroid influence with some of the vocal stuff going on in some of the tracks. This style sounds like its largely your own. It certainly seems to have some influences, but it's pretty unique.

"Intro Leap Into God's Realm" sounds cheesy, in my opinion. The synths just don't seem to work for the type of piece you wrote. It doesn't evoke any tension, and it feels like the sounds that worked in your other pieces were experimented with to see if you could make a rock/horror track. There really wasn't any dynamic. Other than that, I think the OST is strong though.

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