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Attention all game traders


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Didn't know if anyone was familiar with this or not, but if you trade games and quick fast money is not a concern, forget gamestop. I've been screwed over by them before wanting to give me 1 dollar, 2 dollars a game. If you are a gamer and want to trade, here's a good site for you.


Here's how it works. Sign up there, and you have the option of trading games, or buying "credits and trades". Its pretty simple. Games are worth so many points. Lowest point value is 100 points, highest is 1000. Of course new 360 games are usually around 1000. What you do is, either trade a game to someone else, which goozex will give you the option of printing off labels through them, or buying points through paypal to get games. You also have to buy trades too, which covers shipping and handling of course.

I've personally used this site for over a year, and got a lot of ps2 games for cheap. You can easily pick up lower priced ps2 games for the equivilent of 5 bucks pretty much. So why go to gamestop and pay 19? Or get robbed on trades there?

The point system works out like this, buying wise:

100 Goozex points $ 5.00

200 Goozex points $ 10.00

300 Goozex points $ 15.00

400 Goozex points $ 20.00

500 Goozex points $ 25.00

1050 Goozex points $ 50.00 4.8% discount

2200 Goozex points $ 100.00 9.1% discount

3400 Goozex points $ 150.00 11.8% discount

Trades are this:

5 Trade credits $ 5.00

10 Trade credits $ 10.00

16 Trade credits $ 16.00

22 Trade credits $ 22.00

30 Trade credits $ 15.00 Save 50%!

60 Trade credits $ 30.00 Save 50%!

90 Trade credits $ 45.00 Save 50%!

120 Trade credits $ 60.00 Save 50%!

Now, also, referral wise, this is a referral site. If you get people to sign up under your name, you get points and trades. Each person that signs up under you, you get 100 points and a free trade when they complete their first trade. I've had my referral link on my sig for a while now, but I don't think anyone really understands what it was for. Here it is again.


This site handles psx, ps2, ps3, xbox, 360, pc, dreamcast, gamecube, DS, GBA, Mac, wii, and psp. So check it out of you would like to see, and stuff.

Also, no one report this thread as a scam, I already asked zirc and djp if it was cool to post and they said it was.

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