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NES Top Loaders


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I have one of the top loader Famicom systems and it works great. Looks pretty much like the NES 2 so I'm assuming the electronics are similar:


The main difference between this and the old Famicom I have, aside from the extremely comfortable dogbone style controllers, is the video quality. While it doesn't have s-video capabilities like the new version of the SNES, the standard RCA cable hook-up blows away the old video hookup. Everything looks so crisp and clean compared to the old system. Do a side by side comparison and you'll never look back.

As for the third party systems, there are few I often see in Japan because they are so extremely small. They are barely bigger then the Famicom carts themselves, but I can't vouch for their performance or compatibility. Get a NES2.

whoa, haven't seen you in a while.

have you decided what you're going to do, zircon?

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