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  1. For me it's the Minecraft soundtrack, extending to C418's work in general. Looking at my playlist it seems I've listened to the entire album at least 50 times. I put it on while I'm translating. It helps me concentrate for some reason and relaxes me as well. Usually I can't concentrate on other things, especially writing, when I am listening to music but it's different with this soundtrack. And I ended up falling in love with the soundtrack long before I ever played the game itself. It's just great music to have on. Listening to it right now in fact.
  2. Evilhead

    Diablo III

    Yeah, I'll get it for sure. Diablo II is my favorite PC game of all time, so I don't see why I wouldn't want to check out D3. The great thing about the series is that there is no way you HAVE to play the game, you can just do it your own way. So I don't see what all the bitching is about. Don't like the auction house? Don't use it. Be a man and find your own damn items!
  3. Not OCR but I listen to the Minecraft soundtrack on loop a lot of times when I translate. Helps me concentrate for some reason. On a related note, make sure to only play instrumental music. I'm sure you're aware of this as you've chosen game music, but anything with singing or spoken words in it is really distracting when I am trying to read or write.
  4. He already found it! It's Formation Z. Cool little game! I have a 76-in-1 for Famicom with hilariously bad label. It's like Deep Space nine mixed with star wars. Then I got a PowerPak, which is pretty much an 8500-in-1, plays hacks, etc. Highly recommended!
  5. I was totally into anime during that era (actually the stuff was always late coming over Stateside), but completely stopped watching it after it went digital. Maybe I grew out of it, or maybe I just love hand-drawn/colored animation the best. When I go back and watch some old series out of boredom or nostalgia I always end up enjoying it a lot more than anything I happen to see these days. Some my favorites back in the day were Ninja Scroll, Gunsmith Cats, Vampire Hunter D, Fist of the North Star, Slayers, Ghost in the Shell, etc.
  6. Just bought it for my iPad as I've been looking for a game kind of like this. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. As far as anime goes you can't get much better than Cowboy Bebop in my opinion... Just perfect!
  8. Wow, if people whined about snaking (which I thought took some legitimate skill to pull off) then I'm sure we'll hear no end of these. It is possible for Nintendo to put out a non-broken Mario Kart game?
  9. Going to have to fire this one up. Love horror themed games.
  10. HELL YES. More iOS shooters PLEASE!! And yeah, kupernikus, I agree. Virtual d-pads and buttons suck. Most games designed with standard controllers in mind play better with standard controllers, aside certain exceptions such as the aforementioned shooters. But there's nothing that a touch screen could really add to Chrono Trigger for instance. I know because I played through it again on the DS already and barely ever used the touch screen except when selection techniques on the bottom screen which was superfluous.
  11. I recently picked up an iPad 2, and I use it almost solely for gaming. And I have to say that the iPad is a solid next gen gaming device. Personally I think it succeeds where the DS fails. Nintendo had a great idea integrating touch screen technology with gaming, but in the end the hardware limitations and the poor execution of so many games left the touch aspects to be pointless gimmicks in a lot of games. But the iPad with it's fantastic multi-touch screen, beautiful resolution, and advanced graphical hardware really make it a gaming powerhouse. In my opinion it totally crushes any other por
  12. Just finished rereading The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and was about to rewatch the movies next. Seeing the trailer got me pumped!!
  13. Nah, if you go to hipster record stores around LA and other large cities there are tons of new cassette releases. The generation who grew up with them are having a nostalgia trip for them. In the same way I believe CDs will return at some point. Some bigger bands are also still releasing cassettes. Of Montreal recently released a cassette boxed set of all of their studio albums on tape:
  14. The DOA games were never meant to be serious anyway. I love VF for it's purity but if you just want to have some fun casual matches with some friends the DOA games always satisfied.
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