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'Genesis - Duchess' Remix ~!!Need Male Vocalist!!~

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WiP v1:

Heya everyone, this is a (crazily simple at the moment) remix I'm making of Genesis' song Duchess.. Just really a sketch at the moment, only getting the piano and the bass in place to go with the vocals nicely (The flute is, at the moment, the substitute for what the vocals will kinda be like).

So anyways, I'm looking for a somewhat experienced male vocalist to collab with for it. The original song is in 81bpm, the mix is in 120bpm, in the same key. Don't take it the wrong way, but please provide a sample of your prior work if you offer to collab for it, I wanna be sure that it fits with my vision =p

Here are the lyrics:

Here is the original song also:

Thanks, and please leave comments if you have any cool suggestions for me when I actually build up the mix into something a little more tangible :)

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Hi, I do male vocals, can sing both baritone and tenor, and have been mixing techno for a long time. Your groove is pretty smooth, but it's still very minimal. I think you should flesh it out more. It might give the vocalist a better idea of what kind of style you're looking for.

I have samples, but they were lost when my other computer crashed. I'll try to get some new samples recorded. I mostly sing Josh Groban, (i.e. "You Raise me Up"), but have sung more upbeat poppy stuff also (i.e. Elton John; Journey, etc.). I can probably sing anything if I work enough at it.

My vocal range is from baritone E up to tenor high C with full chest, although my B flat is much more comfortable. I can sing pretty consistently from alto D to soprano A with the head-voice/falsetto (mixed voice probably up to the F), and sometimes up to soprano high C; In the morning I can usually hit the low C, so I can pretty much span 4 octaves. Of course, this is all when I'm in good practice. ;p

This seems like kind of an odd song choice to do a remix of. I prefer the song "Against All Odds" (although people have already remixed it to death). It's definitely going to take a lot of work to be able to sing it, considering I've never even heard the song before. I'm not sure of the range of this song, but Phil Collins usually goes pretty high (my voice probably isn't quite whiney enough to sound like him ;p).

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