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OCR01071 - *YES* Mega Man 2 'It's About Time'


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Hey DjPretzel and crew-

I sent an email a little while back concerning a Megaman 2 remix that I had recently completed. I finally managed to submit to my mp3.com page under the title "It's About Time". It's a trance rendition of the Flashman stage.

Unfortunately, mp3.com resets the ID3 tags, but I'll at least give you the infp for that:

Title: Megaman2 It'sAboutTime OCRemix

Artist: Symphonic Chronicles


COmposer: Billy Christiansen

Original Artist: Manami Ietel, Ogeretsu Kun, Yuukichan's Papa

Well I hope you like it:)

Thanks for listening


May I Play You a Story?

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1-5 eighth notes dont impress me, as far as an introduction.

the buildup to 1:06 is actually pretty sweet. nice layering. It feels a little bit sparce at 2:00, but what's here is nice. i think it could use some soft pads or strings. oh...here they are.

the drums really arent impressive enough to warrant being so loud. too much looperage.

the transition at 4:50 is a bit jarring.

this mix takes some wonderful artistic liberties. the dynamics are also very good. The well-done ending gets bonus points from me.

this is a nicely done trance track. it never get's too repetitive. the few akward points dont add up to a no, so here, have a YES

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This is the way to do trance. Smooth development, captivating movement, appealing counterpoint, and well-articulated melody.

Not too much going on in the way of drums, especially in the build-up, and the hi-hats are louder than they should be. They overpower the lead piano several times, which would have stood out more easily if it wasn't so damp.

Other than that, this is good Flash.


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Listen to "Cowgirl" by Underworld. Exact same intro.

I can't tell if it's just my ear or if this song is slowly accelerating. Anyway, intro's a bit long. I mean, I can tell what song it is from the melody, but at 2 minutes, still no solid song.

It's like getting a hand job and constantly being interrupted just milliseconds from climax. Hmm. I don't know. I honestly don't feel that the release complemented the build up. And the synths are too similar throughout all the parts of the song. I like the fact that at least this is harmonically sound. I like the break at 3:34, though I'm having the strangest feeling like I've heard it somewhere before... Maybe ít reminds me of U2. I don't know. Anyway, the improv section is a nice change though I'm still thinking the piano is a bit over used overall. I don't think many other people are gonna notice the things I would consider flaws, so I'm gonna give it a YES, but it's borderline, in my mind anyway. I still feel this needs work on building up to climaxes. Transitions and chord progressions are rock solid and it's good to hear that, considering the load of rubbish we get usually. And the sad thing is, you could have gotten half of those chords wrong and flubbed 40% of the notes and most people wouldn't have noticed, but it's still nice to see the effort there.


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