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Seymour Battle (FFX)


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Hi guys,

I've taken what some of you have said into consideration, and came up with this newer version. It's not complete, and it will end abruptly, fading into the real ending. My main concern now is that it's too close to the source. Suggestions would be most appreciated, and anyone's welcome to collaborate.

Here is Le Source:


Here is Le Mix:

Click here to listen to Seymour.mp3


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It was very interesting how the orchestral part at the start worked. I think you should have an ambient bit at the start as a sort of build up.

At certain points of the track it feels like theres too much at once.

Also you should have more of the main riff (1:16 in the original). You should have it repeat with a beat behind it and then have it at the end but slower or something

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I like the start-up, but after .40 I get bored and travel to other threads. I guess what i'm saying would be some volume and sounds dynamics along the lines, even a slowdown of the tempo especially during the piano segment. Sounds very good aside from that. Definitely like it.:nicework:

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