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  1. Hey guys, Wow, it's been a long time. For awhile now, I've been toying with the idea of remixing the Seymour battle song from Final Fantasy X. ( ) I thought putting it to a Drum n' Bass track might be a neat idea. A buddy of mine also contributed some guitar work, much of which is still on its way (this being a work in progress after all).What I'd like to know from you all is what you think of the direction I'm taking. I have my own gripes about its current state: the ending isn't quite done, I haven't yet provided enough of my own solo material and the song itself is tough to arrange. This is actually my first major foray into Drum and Bass, so if you have any tips about it, that would also be great! I'm excited to keep at it; this song has been on the shelf for many years. Enjoy! -Alec
  2. Thanks for your advice. The problem with this song is that there's so much going on, it's tough to condense the cool stuff in a meaningful way. I'll keep that in mind, though.
  3. Hi guys, I've taken what some of you have said into consideration, and came up with this newer version. It's not complete, and it will end abruptly, fading into the real ending. My main concern now is that it's too close to the source. Suggestions would be most appreciated, and anyone's welcome to collaborate. Here is Le Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLFWKVtclOQ Here is Le Mix: Click here to listen to Seymour.mp3 Enjoy!
  4. Ha...No, I didn't design the game. I was asking for suggestions on how to beat it.
  5. http://playauditorium.com/ Use the arrows to guide the wind into the towers. The more wind is there, the louder the music gets. Change the outer circle to increase the intensity. Fill all the towers to get to the next level. The music's very pleasant to listen to! I'm stuck on Level 3:4. Opinions? Suggestions?
  6. Updated from about a week ago... Here is my collab, still a WIP, of the last Seymour Battle in FFX, found here: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=dWE0nlhpdq8 I filled in some holes with temporary guitar. I know it sticks pretty close to the source right now, but my collaborator is working on his chunk now too. Tacked on the end is the ending I intend to use. It's NOT in the correct place, but I figured I'd include it here too. Version 2: Version 1: Suggestions please. ARRANGEMENT / INTERPRETATION [ ] Too conservative - sticks too close to the source [ ] Too liberal - not enough connections to the source (too much original writing) [ ] Too much direct sampling from original game audio [ ] Borrows heavily from non-source material (eg. a theme from a movie) PRODUCTION [ ] Too loud [ ] Too quiet [ ] Low-quality samples [ ] Unrealistic sequencing [ ] Generic/cliche sound choices [ ] Drums have no energy [ ] Overcompressed (pumping/no dynamics) [ ] Mixing is muddy (eg. too many sounds in the same range) STRUCTURE [ ] Lacks coherence overall (no "flow") [ ] Not enough changes in sounds (eg. static texture, not dynamic enough) [ ] Pace too plodding [ ] Too repetitive [ ] Too short [ ] Abrupt ending
  7. Played the demo the other day for PS3. The camera was odd for me at first, but once you get the hang of it, I think it can turn out to be a really fun play.
  8. I'm liking it, it kept me gripped until about halfway through. I really like the sounds you're using, although the drums seem a little watery to me. Is that the word I want? The drums seem off somehow, and maybe someone more musical can put it better. I'm willing to bet you did the Main Theme on the piano live, because it's a hair off, but you could give that to creative license. I like where it's going though. Keep it up!
  9. As am I. Do you need to reupload, or perhaps an alternate link?
  10. Hey all, I'm posting a WIP that I've started in an attempt to capture the epic feel of the last Seymour battle from Final Fantasy X. Some notes regarding this WIP: -It's in a collaborative stage, with a guitar part still in the works. That's why there's a dry spell at the end, where I assume that guitar will go. -This was made entirely in GarageBand, but no loops were involved... -The drums were inspired by Bear McCreary, the composer for the TV series "Battlestar Galactica". The idea is a Taiko/choir/guitar hybrid that hopefully will take shape soon. -SoundClick has diminished sound quality a little bit. That's enough chatter, let's get to the song: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=437476 Please comment!
  11. I think the execution isn't bad, but the above poster's right, this is the original song, albeit slightly modified. Your solo is nice, but it should definitely come sooner, and as a result you should flush out parts that come after it, like a bridge, or a change in moods.
  12. Is there a way to find the acapella voice work from Final Fantasy X without the background music from the game?
  13. I'm working on a FFX mix (Seymour Omnis Battle, specifically), and my general question regards taking an audio clip from the game and using it in the mix. Is there any way to find raw voice clips that doesn't have the original game music behind it? Also, I'm a lurker on the forums and don't post much, but am interested in the community. If I were to post WIPs, what kind of website would be ideal to link to? I have a SoundClick site, but that displays much of my early (and IMHO, uninteresting) stuff. Should I just make my own? Thanks for the info, Toad
  14. Very well done. I look forward to hearing more of your stuff!
  15. This game had some pretty good music, especially the "Set Point/Match Point" music. I'd love to hear some remixes of this game.
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