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*NO* Mega Man X 'The Shocker'


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Remixer: 1makes2

Song Title: The Shocker

Song source: Spark Mandrill, MegaMan X

Genre: Dance/Trance

ok so here is a song that i have been working on for a while.

its a spark mandrill remix with a dance beat. this song was not ment to be fast, up in yourface or lightning speed rock.

it is slower than the source and is more relaxing in a way.

some of the people on the wip boards crit that it had two intros, but i like to think of it as an extended bridge, as to really build up the suspense. i dont want to shorten the intro.

anyway ive asked a judge or two what they think and they said i had a fighting chance to get this accepted, and had no production criticisims, so here it is


Michael O’Shea



http://snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=mmx - "Spark Mandrill" (mmx-14.spc)

Strong piano opening. Hell, I would have been down for a whole arrangement like that. Crystalline sounds at :17 ended up sounding a bit piercing. After some buildup, we got a synth line coming in at :59 that sounded very mechanically sequenced. Sounded like the attacks were slightly behind, which was awkward.

Melody finally came back at 1:28. Very straightforward aside from the modulation, but wasn't getting much sense of interpretation beyond that and the genre adaptation. There was some decent stuff going on in terms of the supporting writing, but it was quiet enough where it didn't really integrate with the melody. More melodic variation would make it more interesting.

2:31 went back to the piano, which was also melodically straightforward, but had some good new piano supporting part-writing working with the melody. 2:59 went back to some original electronica that was fairly solid, before going into the chorus at 3:28, which had more interpretation than the melody by doing more with the rhythms. Cool transition at 3:56 for the finish; piano briefly played the melody, but got more interpretive with it. Cool way to end it!

Honestly, there's not too much I'd say to do other than get 1:28-2:24 sounding more interesting and interpretive, then I'd be ready to sign off on this. The mixing could be tweaked a little, but I'll leave that to other Js to provide the specifics you need. Solid stuff, Mike, I'm enjoying it. Touch it up a bit to have it clicking on all cylinders.

NO (refine/resubmit)

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I liked the arrangement overall, good energy. The piano intro was a good start, and the latter parts of this were solid. The lead was more muted than leads usually are, but it wasn't bad, just average. I think something sharper would add more energy to the early sections. The modifications to the melody and rhythm were good for spicing it up, though I liked the later sections more, where there was more going on. The change in the bassline at 3:28-3:34, if it was even intentional, didn't work for me and I think you should fix it.

I would have liked to see the snare and hi-hats get more high-end. From 0:45 to 1:56, it sounds like there is a frequency range missing until the gated synth comes in. A crisper snare sample layered on top might be all you need.

This is close to passing and I hope you fix up the small problems and send it back, Michael.

NO (resubmit)

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This is pretty strong stuff! Solid beat even though the snare sounds a bit strange compared to the pumping bassdrum. The lead sounds were a bit weak mixing-wise compared to the loud backing which made the track lose some focus. You need to fill out the high/high-mid end of the remix a bit more and not let the boom-tiss take control :)

Getting a bit more interpretive, especially in the earlier melodic sections, would be preferable. The rhythmic alterations to the melody are good but the lack of melodic arrangement to the main hook ultimately makes it a bit repetitive. Even some changes to the chord structure or changes in the backing beat would be good. The piano was cool as an ending and intro, but making the ending even more glitchy and abrupt would add to the effect. Now it seems a bit weak to me.

Overall this is very close to passing. Just iron out the arrangement crits and fill up some space in the mix and you're good to go! Keep it up!


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