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VG Opinion Poll #8


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Here's an interesting one...

Veteran Gamer Opinion Poll #8

The demographics of gaming have changed since the 8-bit era. For many of us, old games can cause nostalgia, dredging up memories of velour and The A-Team. Then there is the newer generation, who are more familiar with 3D environments and in-game, licensed popular music. I think it would be interesting to know the age spread at OCR. That said,

1. I think that, overall, most gamers are:

a) older than I am

B) around the same age

c) younger than I am


2. most of the gamers I know are:

a) 12 years old or younger

B) between 13 and 18 years old

c) between 19 and 24 years old

d) 25 or older

Vote and be heard! PM me for anything else or if you have some 80s memories you'd like to share.

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