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First ever attempts at rock!


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Just to set the record strait before you listen, I'm not a great guitarist. I don't even consider myself really average either. To be real about it, if I had the option, I wouldn't even perform this considering I wasn't able to play this all the way through not to mention I don't have a drummer anyway... Haven't written the vocals yet either.

Regardless, it still came out as a nice song. I did play everything live except the drums which were programmed. With all that said though, I hope you guys enjoy them!

The first track is an original:http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/225326

The second track is a remix. This remix is based on the Sega Genesis Classic, Comix Zone. The production was done entirely from memory and did not refer to the original material for reference so it's not verbatim. You can find the original track here:

and here's the remix:http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/225327

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I feel it man, I was about to go post the same thing in my thread which has 0 replies =/

Anywho, not bad man. Got that lo-fi garageband sound goin on it currently, which hell, if you live in Seattle, apparently the cool thing is to spend as much money as possible to get the worst sounding recording possible to call it "Indie" lol

From the :40 second mark to the end of the song it sounds like constant crash cymbal, me thinks just a tad bit too much on that just because you hear that high end shimmering blanket over the whole thing for quite a while.

Also, I wouldn't worry about not being able to play it all the way through. If working in a professional studio has taught me anything it's that Punch-ins are part of where the magic happens. I saw some amazing performers go through the studio and I don't think I ever saw one play it completely right. Even a quartet of the seattle symphony did their pieces in chunks and put it together later.

Keep on rockin man

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