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    I've been playing music most of my life. It wasn't until the last 2 years or so though that I really started getting into MIDI and electronic music.

    I interned at London Bridge Studios in Shoreline for a year and am now employed as a live sound engineer while still recording solo artists on the side when I can.

    I love making my own music and hope to release my own album this year.
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    Audio Engineer

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  1. haha! Dang, sorry for replying to the wrong person man. lol

  2. I think you replied to the wrong person, lol. I don't know much about Swollen either! :) I think it was the post below mine.

  3. I agree with that. The bass altogether sounds a little muddy. Boosts in the 800mhz-1khz range can bring out a little more attack in the bass where the fingering sound is. Also, do you have a real time analyzer so you can see how your track is hitting frequencies in certain areas? This is a shot of your song in the beginning: http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l265/Nubioso/RTA.jpg You got a lot of build up in that 30-40Hz range from the bass. That next spike to the right of the line is at 80Hz and a lot of the other spikes are just harmonics of the bass. The main point that I'm getting at is that there's just too much bass and too much of it is in that really low muddy range. If you don't already, use a highpass on your bass up to 30 or 35Hz. A kick drum can get a good smack at around 80Hz, where bass can generally rest a little below it at 60Hz, right around where the Low E hits. Just some food for thought, other than that, get that sucker longer =P
  4. lol, yeah, I got the A1 ban as well. I figured that I had been banned for my post saying "wow, I cant believe you people are falling for this"...... Don't know that I agree with banning just to try and perpetuate a joke, but meh....whatevs. I figured A-1 steaksauce was perfect for "A"pril "1"st =P
  5. Thanks for the comment!

  6. You are awesome good sir.

  7. Hey, thanks for commenting on my Majoras Mask remix. I'm not familiar with the group Swollen members actually and definitely wasn't aiming for ICP lol. If anything, it's closer to deltron, which isn't something I tried to do, just happened. I've had a couple other people pick up on the deltron sound in certain parts.

    Thanks for listening!

  8. Ahh, well good to know. =D Don't listen to Drum and bass personally. Get into more dubstep which definitely share a lot of similarities especially with the bass. I think I liked Spor the best out of those 3 you linked me. Anywho, thanks for explaining that to me.
  9. There's definitely sub tones, primarily from your kick drum, but yeah there's definitely a bassline in there and as you said, you gotta have something that can put out atleast a clear 40Hz tone or so before you could really hear the lows in this song. However, not being enough bass never came up on my list of issues personally. Also - and apparently just because I'm really not all that familiar with DKC. I played the game, I liked it, but I only played it once many years ago so many of the references I don't know..What's the reese line?
  10. lol yeah....man, it's been forever since I've played any form of donkey kong and they've never been very high up on my notable list of music so it wasn't coming to me hearing it. Thanks for the link! This exactly what I was saying with my post. By atleast the minute mark or so it seems like it should do something. In the source, the drums and whatnot kick in at the 1:05 mark so I would try to make something really kick in for your song in a similar fashion. However, no after hearing the source, it all makes more sense to me =P But yeah, basically my thing is I just want it to kick in earlier than it does.
  11. Hmmm....I think I like the EQ you had in the first WIP to be honest. The second one seems like too much highend has been boosted and there's parts where, especially with the rhythmic bells keeping beat, that sound very thin and "tinny". As for that bassline....this is all personal opinion but I'm really not digging that slap bass sample. (I'm guessing that's slap bass? Could be wrong?)
  12. I agree with most of the comments Halc has already mentioned, particularly the bassline. There's some weird instrument that I'm hearing that starts at :50 and goes until 1:00. It sounds like someone whistling or something similar to that to be honest. Not quite sure what that is, have any idea what I might be hearing? Other than that, it sounds pretty cool thus far. Can't wait to hear more.
  13. What's the source on this? Guess I'm the only one out of the loop =P It's pretty good, and I know it's not finished, but based on everyones comments, I kept expecting something to happen or really kick in at some point which it never did as of yet. It seemed to just really repeat the entire time for me in which, as I said, I kept waiting for something to happen. Buuuut, since I'm not familiar with the source, that could also play a huge role in my current opinion.
  14. Thank you for everyones awesome comments. It was a lot of fun making this track. I definitely recognize the production issues, especially the fact that the 2nd half isn't quite as good as the first. I will be the first to say I probably wrapped the project up too quick without really putting as much focus into the second half as much as I did the first. Also - Yeah, I know it's cheesy, I mean come on people....it's a rap about video games....there's no way to make that "cool" or "hardcore" in anyway lol. I also realize that my rap isn't a perfect depiction of what happens in the game, but the whole point of this stuff is to have fun and bring a fantasy to life. I have let my girlfriend know that there are a lot of people asking to hear her vocals again so naturally she's bugging me to start a new project, but we'll see what happens =P Again, thanks to everyone who's helped me to get this song submitted. I'm definitely looking forward to my next project....whenever that may be.
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