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Dusting off an oldie


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I'm sure all.....one of you might remember a while back I released an electro-industrial song called 'The Important part of the Computer'.

There was a comment I remembered saying that the kick drum was really weak (or something along those lines, sadly I can't recall who mentioned it.) So I decided to use my new found knowledge to remaster the track.

Comments on the eq would be nice.

Click Me

Note: the server is a little wonky, so if you can't get it on first click, try again in a couple of minutes.

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a track called Sukuri's Quest.


you're like, one of three people who still have that.

I've been meaning to remaster it, but I think I screwed up the original file pretty badly D= .

as for this song, it'll be reposted in a week or two, I've been tweaking it a lil' more.

and yea, I'm from Toronto (or at least the GTA anyways).

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You're aware I know nothing of EQ...

In the event you wanted a critique of the song, though, here it is: Pretty solid. It would be nice to have some other synths doing some other stuff like harmonizing with the melody more. It starts to happen later on the in the track, but I think both are guitar, or synth guitar. on the whole, the track is solid, you have a nice change up around 2 minutes, but what happens after is a sort of repeat, rather than bringing in new stuff for some kind of climax. the bassline is nice, but by :45 seconds something more could be happening. there's no guarantee people will listen past the first 10 seconds, so you might as well go crazy. i thought the percussion could have changed up a bit, especially because the track doesn't have vocals. all in all, little changes along the way would help the track feel like it's covering more ground.

don't know if you're still planning to work on this track again, but i hope my comments help. again, solid track overall, solid composition, solid idea but it's just a bit tame and slow moving.

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