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Mother 3

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Pink Shell [The background of this has a lot of potential.]

[Please tell me/locate the official title on the Starmen site if you know. I can't even find it in the .miniGSFs.]

Dangerous Highway [Reminds me of Michael Jackson.]

Hard Rain

Beyond the Sunshine Forest

Murasaki Forest

The Attic's a Dungeon?! [You can tell my bass/groove bias by now. Most of such can even be woven together because of short their length. But the next two are a change of pace, especially the latter.]


Monkey's Delivery Service

Let's Ride the Train

Wasteful Anthem [0:24-0:27 could have a pretty good extension. Unique, overall.]

Please save me from the inescapably bad GBA quality... by providing with some inescapably bad ocremix attempts! Except don't do the latter.

I haven't completed the last few chapters, so I'm probably missing a song or three.

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pink shell definitely. always loved that track. another track near the end of the game is "Someone's Memory". which is just a slightly spiced up version of Pollyanna is always prime remixing material. and I love "Flying Whatsit", even though there isn't a whole lot to work with. combining that with the Sky Runner theme from Mother 2 would give it a little more source material to work with.

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