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are you really there non-remix contributors? (Trying to go for a Nine Inch Nails-like Sound)


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Jeez man you've really improved. I love the environment you've made here. It's really warm sounding, and the chord progression you've chosen is almost hypnotic. Are all these sounds coming from your (semi-)newly acquired GPO library? Hey you know what would KILL in this piece? Some ambient, not necessarily rhythmically structured percussion sounds, heavily reverberated...and some soft glocks! These are really spontaneous ideas but I really like what you have here. Keep going m8!

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I was kind of feeling NiN at the beginning, but I think you're closer to some other bands. That said, you've got good sensibilities and things work together nicely in this track, but it could use a little development. I felt like once the guitar left, the song felt stronger. Either use it throughout the track and develop it, or lose it, I think.

You've got a goodelegiac feel, but it seems like you're stuck between NIN and going in a completely different direction. Ambient is a tricky genre. You have a good hook, but I still think a melody that appears during the buildup or at the pinnacle of the track could really bring this together more. For example:

This has a hook and accompaniment, like yours, but a melody still comes in later, and brings it all together. The melody is not that far off from the hook, composition-wise, but it still works.

Personally, I think you're more in this direction than NIN : )


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