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  1. Neat idea! I liked what you did from thinking through the process of falling asleep, dreaming, waking to the alarm clock at the end. Some suggestions: 1. The panning you did in the middle was a little extreme--it sounded like the instruments were losing volume when they reached the furthest separation. Try reducing the maximum separation or slightly increasing the volume during max separation to compensate. 2. I didn't get tired of the intro, but after the hard, nightmare-ish instrument began at 40% (sorry no timer available) that went on a little too long without much variation. 3. I thought the percussion was OK, but I don't think full-on drums would be out of place once you get going. 4. BASS. You need a bass line. Looking forward to seeing the final product!
  2. I agree with all the comments here. This sounds pretty cool and I'm looking forward to hearing it cleaned up.
  3. You got my foot tappin'. It's worth continuing production The instruments sound really smooth even at this stage.
  4. Very unique, lots of variety. I like it and am looking forward to the finished product.
  5. Try taking a phrase or two of the single note & percussion that you hear at the key change at 1:43, and add it on the end of the first section just before that transition.. that'll give your drum fill a chance to finish out before you transition and hopefully prepare the listener for it as well.
  6. Sounded pretty good. (I didn't hear your first version). One thing that stood out to me was that the ending was a little abrupt.
  7. I don't think there's anything right or wrong with the tempo/feel of this clip--it's just how you've interpreted it. It sounds great to me.
  8. I really like what you've done with this. All the "in-between" sections are great like at 3:00. Outside of those, I feel like the melody is repeated too many times without any variation.. take a few liberties! When you get into the underworld theme, it sounds terrific but then gets a little predictable again. Try some screaming guitar ad lib after the build-ups at 6:05 or 6:25. Hope this helps you out!
  9. It's a bit rough, but I hear some potential. You pretty much need more content. The piece should be longer with several sections shifting to and from new instruments and percussion. Adding dynamic range always helps as well as build-ups and other standard musical fare.
  10. I would definitely like to hear how you progress on this one. I agree with everything J-Pfleg said with one exception. There's a repeating point in your melody that doesn't seem to fit together well with the note being played in the bass part and and maybe a couple other spots. It doesn't make me wince or anything, just bothers me enough to be a distraction.I agree that the middle section with the clean guitar needs some extra spice. As it is, it goes a little long without much variation. Overall, I'm liking it and looking forward to seeing what you do with it! Good job!
  11. They've now said it's a RTS. It'll be interesting to see what tricks people come up with for taking advantage of this.
  12. I'm a friend of the lead developer, and he told me that they will be posting more info as they get closer to unveiling at GDC. Next update should be this evening some time.
  13. sounds cool, http://www.achrongame.com/
  14. I also like the arrangement, but with my headphones on I kept hearing a tinny ringing just underneath the music that was very distracting. It sounds as if the bit rate is too low or something. Other than that, it's a beautiful song. Thank you!
  15. I will second this ReQuest. The soundtrack to this game is fantastic, and I'm surprised no one has jumped on it yet.
  16. We need some people to get on bit-torrent and seed this thing. I'm stuck at 89% with no peers and no seeds. I will happily seed for a while once I have it all
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