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OCR01898 - *YES* Pokémon Crystal Version '14.5 West Coast Radio (EXPN Card Required)'


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ReMixer name: ProtoDome

Real name: Blake Troise

Email address: protodome@hotmail.co.uk

Website: None

Userid: 25246

Name of game arranged: Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Name of song arranged: Violet City/Olivine City (includes sections from various other Pokémon tracks, see below)

Original Composer: Junichi Masuda and Go Ichinose

Original Sound Track: http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/gameboy/pk_gsvioletcity.mid

Okay, right, well then. It's explanation time eh? Okay, not submitted ever before so a lil' sketchy on the submission process- sincerely hoping I've not messed up the entry somehow. Probably have... The other day, when faced with the age-old question of "what's your favorite music", I decided I'd go with the Pokémon chiptunes. After a dose of ridicule I suddenly felt that warm, "I wanna listen to that stuff again". So I did. Yeah, okay, it's simplistic stuff, (chord sequences consisting of mighty C's, G's, F's and a few Aminors) but it's fun and catchy. I decided I'd honour it much. Starting off with one of my favorites, Olivine City, it felt like I just needed more than a simple, predicible tune running through it. Kinda like a normal Poké-track but with (alien to most of the original songs) an addition of variation and spontaneity.

To list all the extra tracks I've included... Urm, let me see...

0:51- Gym Theme

0:56- Pokémon Center jingle

1:22- Hypnosis/Sing jingle

1:46- R/S Pokémon Center

2:20- R/B Battle intro

2:24- Route 10

2:30- G/S Item Get

...Along with computer and "item use" sound effects

Okay! I hope that's alright then! I think I'm done here! Hope you enjoy it.



Watch the bitrate. We only accept 192kbps or below, so 256kbps, can't run with it.

http://www.zophar.net/download_file/15631 - Track 45

Sound palette and programming ideas reminded me of halc, chthonic and a little bit of Shnabubula, so that was all cool. Short and sweet, this kept the melody pretty straightforward while mucking with the delivery in a huge way; silly, zany and all that.

The fadeout at 2:46's key change was a total buzzkill; I don't inherently dislike fadeouts, but an actual resolution would have hooked this up. The fadeout wasn't even done properly. Pretty disappointing way to end it. It might have seemed cliche, but switching gears completely to a piano or other solo instrument at 2:46 would have been more interesting and allowed you to fashion a cohesive ending. Knocks it down from a solid YES to a borderline YES, but you still get the nod.

Maybe we can get a revision. Otherwise though, cool debut, Blake. Keep 'em coming.

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Well, it most certainly is a creative arrangement! Like Larry said it's reminiscent of halc and to a lesser extent of Sam's work. The way you use lo-fi stuff like NES (AND SNES, damn, props for that) in another context is very clever and the melody is somewhat intact so there's no question about what you're arranging. Sometimes it worries me that every little (incredibly cool) pokémon cameo is so spot on, sounds like you used a lot of MIDI's here ;) but I can groove with that.

I thought some of the sounds sounded a bit awkwardly filtered and muddy like the bass and some of the support synths. Wouldn't mind some sparklier sounds. Some audible audio glitches at 2:15 but it's minor. I didn't think the fade-out and keychange was an issue, I actually liked it. Screw Larry :tomatoface:

Good work, stellar arrangement and good production, keep it up man!


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This is super awesome- excellent execution of a lot of sources into something cohesive by having a distinct main section, but a ton of variation. Extra cool treatment of Route 10. The sounds used were fun and gelled well, though overall i think the volume was a bit hot. Nothing detrimental, as the sound quality is still there, but maybe something to consider for next time.

I agree that the fadeout was weaksauce, but everything else was so on, that I can only shrug. It would have worked better if it was a slower fade i think, or Larry's idea of fading to piano or something would have been even cooler, but as is, there's definitely no reason to not give this a


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