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millenial fair - guitar

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I never intended to remix this song (not that it's not awesome), but I picked up the guitar a couple of days ago, playing some variations on the D chord, and I heard millenial fair in there so I started to record it.


if some listener(s) are entertained by this recording, then i will attempt to improve it further and try get some people to put bass and percussion on it

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The sound quality isn't great, right off the bat. It's obvious this is VERY early in production.

But, I gotta say, I was enjoying it a little. Particularly 0:43 was pleasant for me. After the one minute mark, it sounded empty. It probably still works, but I think needs to be expanded on or something.

I'd also like to see something a little less straight-forward and expected. No real surprises in this track.

But, again, in context, it's early.

Though, you're asking if we're entertained by this to base whether you want to expand it or not? I'm afraid I'm biased! I want to tell you how to improve the song, not whether it's worth doing! I never listen to a mix and decided that what I really want to post is "stop making now". And I have a feeling most will feel the same.

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