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  1. thanks for the feedback SoC taking your comments into account I've started thinking about how to enhance it
  2. I never intended to remix this song (not that it's not awesome), but I picked up the guitar a couple of days ago, playing some variations on the D chord, and I heard millenial fair in there so I started to record it. if some listener(s) are entertained by this recording, then i will attempt to improve it further and try get some people to put bass and percussion on it
  3. Hi I really like "From Within", where can I download the version with the lyrics? The link from before is broken


  4. darn right wizards and warriors has a unique and appreciable and rare vibe thank you
  5. super awesome!! i think the word repetitive should be banned from comments on video game music/remixes thereof. (not really, just my expression of distaste for an ironic and imo inapplicable critique for this genre of music)
  6. hell yeah this inspires me to dance as well an i don't like the majority of djpretzel's work but i really like this piece great work!
  7. damn this is awesome and overly snubbed and criticized if you are easily offended by any hint of repetitiveness in music, never play a video game or judge video game music and let the rest of us enjoy the splendor blighters
  8. I saw the original composers perform this live at the hollywood bowl thank you for this pretty contribution
  9. i frickin love this remix notice: game music in-game is way more repetitive than any remix on this whole site. it's an easy and overused critique. imo. considering all the repetition i get while playing the actual game, any remix on this site is nowhere near close as repetitive as who many times you will hear themes looped in game...
  10. never get tired of it it should loop at least 1x so i don't have to loop it myself
  11. i can't dislike this song mp cast a black magic spell on it
  12. fave part is 2:41-2:47 2:47 reminds me of 'baker street' really soulful.
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