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Looking for a certain (old) remix - help :(


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I'm not really sure if this is where I would post this or not, but I figured the request board wouldn't be the right area. So I decided to ask in the help area (makes sense, right?)

Anyway, on my old PC I had a Chrono Cross remix. I however, cannot find it anywhere on OCR :( It had lyrics to it, which rules out a lot of the tracks, and I have already browsed through the ones with lyrics and the track I'm looking for isn't there :/

I do remember most of the lyrics though (or, what I think I remember, I was never sure on certain parts), so I was hoping someone might have it/know what it's called/tell me where I can get it.



Dreaming of a shore at another world

Endless sea, and sand as far as I can see

Is this where I'm meant to be?

Is this my fate, my destiny?

So dreaming of my shadow staring at me

Is this real, or a mirror of what, I see

Am I the true reality

or am I just a reflection

Searching for

a shore at another world

Where I'll see

the truth of my existance

Will I find you along the sands


Like I said, I don't know if these lyrics are 100% accurate, and I know there's bits and pieces I left out cause I could never really understand what was being said.

If anyone could help me, that would be great. Thanks :)

Oh, and I'm sure some of what I remember for lyrics are wrong, so if someone has them too, that would be a wonderful extra as well ^_^;

Nevermind, I found it. It was part of the Radical Dreamers album - "Requiem For Another World (Requiem)"

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