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  1. Summer is relative to the hemisphere you're in. Summer in Australia is from December to February. December could still technically be Summer 2015 >_>
  2. I'm not sure where this expectation is coming from o.O Fishy last said they were very near evaluation (not in it), and there's been no other indication that the album has entered the evaluation state, or that a release month has been given. Unless I completely missed something on a different thread.
  3. Oh that's not from a handheld, that happens to be from Kingdom Hearts X[chi] - that lovely browser game that probably won't see the light of day outside of Japan. It also happens to be a very super secret, one-off missable in-game cutscene. That aside, the KH3 trailer was awesome, though as you said nothing mindblowing. Though people do seem to be blowing up about the fact that Sora had guns, as if he's going to be running around with them and they weren't just a magic finishing combo. Also, too bad you don't live nearby. I'd say you could raid my collection if you wanted to play the handhelds/Final Mix versions of anything - but the ReMixes are clearly taking care of that.
  4. It's physically painful even thinking about beating Lingering Will and Mysterious Figure on critical mode again ;_; The raging that occurred... sigh. Challenge accepted.
  5. *Insert obligatory yet necessary "it's over 9000" excitement level comment*
  6. Auto-accepted, bypasses judges panel. Better be posted in the next 14 minutes.
  7. Congrats on the new job, and moving. Hopefully it all works out for the best Just saw the album trailer for FF6 was released. Not sure how long it usually takes for an album to release after the trailer comes out, but does that change the pacing/timeline of FF9? Awww When Fishy said he approved of it I was hoping it would be chosen. I wanted to contribute to this album in one form or another. Naming a song would have been pretty cool.
  8. All the items you give are gemstones of some kind, so why not a play on that? Like the last one is a diamond, so maybe something cheesy like "Diamonds aren't just for girls", "Diamonds are a Yan's best friend" or something ridiculous like that. Dem greedy monsters and their jewels. Remember it also plays for the Ragtime Mouse, so any kind of play on that and his pop quiz would be just as appropriate.
  9. Not only is this mix awesome, but I fully support this. Thunder Force IV has some really amazing music and has always been one of my favorite game soundtracks. Needs more love. Great job on the remix! Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  10. Not going to bother waiting around to hear it. Shopping around for a beret now and starting work on the soul patch. I'll be ready for awesomeness.
  11. Worth the wait! Holy buckets I'm in love.
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