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Human Music - Dubstep / Experimental


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Back on the beat! I've not heard anything of yours for like a year or more.

I was a little skeptical of the introduction at first up untill the bass comes in as it seemed a bit linear, it's started to grow on me but I think if it was a bit more atmospherical and paddy it would add to that texture.

The bass is sick man haha, the point where this song really opens me up is at 0:57 followed by those rhodes chords, the whole feeling in that area is like ahhhhh just something about it I love infectously. It's like I want it to keep building that way with little textures being added and becoming thicker. The section of 1:25 through 2:07 is also really good, the whole feeling is just working.

Though everything after that section as the piano comes in didn't really click with me. The feeling gets kind've mixed I don't know what to think of it. Like the intro though it's again growing on me so, I've not got any ideas for it. Except when the strings come in, I don't think this song needs strings at all.

Like you said you've got plans and shit but the concept and core of the song is hawt and it makes me want to remix it. You still using the same music gear? Haha, man getting a load of memories of our conversations back now.

Keep it up bro, can't wait to hear more and more and more!

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same thoughts as roe for the most part. reminds me of some slower squarepusher in the beginning, which means i dig the fuck out of it. i like the percussion and the synth work. i also feel like the piano doesn't belong, though, or the strings. i want something diiiiiiiirty. i'll definitely be back to check the updates. pretty sick so far.

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