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Street Fighter 2 - Balrog house tune [completed]


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Hey guys,

I am pretty new to this site, but i made a small remix of the Balrog tune from Street Fighter 2 with a little housy vibe in it.

You think i can submit this remix to OCRemix?

Thanks for listening!


The first four measures of drums are a little too much... it was kinda repetitive before it got boring.

And then it repeats itself. It's a great start but nothing's really happening. You should add more parts and instruments instead of simply drums that weird Bass thing and that Marimba (or whatever it is)

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this has a lot of potential i kind of agree its a tad repetitive

the drums are too loud tone them down to at least -4 or -5db even though its house and house is meant to be repetitive but try to be creative add some of your own melodies to the mix and ear candy to keep the listener interested. also i think you can use a stronger baseline slightly side chained it will work here for sure it'll stand out a lot. thats my only gripes with this mix. keep at it and keep my posted

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Great potential for sure, as for posted to the site I would doubt it. Too short and repetitive. It builds a groove, very nicely I might add, but then stays there. Yes house is a groove, and Jack built a house on that groove, BUT for OCR I'd say it needs a tad more. The instruments sound like a game tune got grooved up, swing templated lets say. As in they don't sound like modern (or oldschool if you're going for that) house sounds. If you love the lead, leave it but it could be either be funkier, dirtier, electro-ier or what have you..

Good shit overall, needs a touch..

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