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I am usually on the commenting side of ocr originals, but after several go-nowhere attempts at making music of my own in the last few weeks, I have finally produced my first track using the black magic of fruity loops and my recently purchased Axiom 25 midi world controller. All sounds in the mix are samples I found on the internets or free soundfonts, plus processing in audacity. I don't want to mislead you into thinking this is electronica, though I am planning to go that direction for my next mix. The mix has some issues, but I thought I'd see what ocr:o thought of it first. I'm calling myself Lufia for now, after the awesome game (by which I mean Lufia 2). And because it sounds kind of magical.

RINK: http://filefactory.com/file/ahah07h/n/Lufia_-_Crystals_128kb_mp3

Apologies for the 30 second wait time.

Also, Happy Canada Day, to anyone else who is Canadian.

Yuletide greetings and ponies for all.

All comments appreciated.

- jezon

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for Claire? You're such a flirt :P ok seriously I'm listening properly.

Firstly, hats off to pulling off such a good tone, the atmosphere together has such good character and is quite mesmerising. Though that this carries on for two and a half minutes is a bit bizarre. At 1:05 the thicker music box melody (probably wrong) doesn't really add much I found it distracting to the original atmosphere that was created as it seemed like you forgot to put it in at the start, perhaps it could've faded in seemlessly. At 2:30, I'm finding the change awkward, but as the elements of the percussion with the brass and sound effect noises starts to pull together it becomes a much more desirable piece of music.

You have two really good points here, the first is the ambience that is made from the first minute, the second is the cohesion of elements from around 3:00 till 4:30. Everything inbetween to me is just dragging everything down. I think what you would need to work on in the future is how to tranisition your best ideas with parts that pull the moods together and using your time effectively to establish what you want to do without it over running or detracting the mood.

I'm impressed at what you've achieved though I think you were able to create good textures seemlessly. I love the sound that comes in at 0:06 it just makes me think of broken mirrors pulling together, is that a default like soundfont or wav or did you mess around with something to achieve that?

Looking forward to the next works Jez!

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Yes for Claire haha

she's coming to visit me so i've written her a 'my first song' all about sparkles :P

I honestly didn't expect a response here until tomorrow, but lo and behold, I find gold. Thanks for the instant feedback Roe! Yes... I suppose the stuff going on for about 2 minutes is a bit bizarre, but I guess I was going for the chill effect. I'm surprised you didn't like the vibe that come in around 1:05 though. I thought it was pure sex, but what can you do... I do agree cohesion is a problem in the mix. The horns come in quite suddenly even for me haha. I think when I revamp this in a week I'll maybe restructure it and find a way to make things gel all the way through like they do from 3:00 on.

All I did to create the background ambiance was scattering a few notes (until they sounded more like ambiance than random hits) with the music box, vibes and glockenspiel, added some reverb, then reverse it in audacity. Then I stacked the sounds (forward and backward) in the mix and there you have it. I lowered them once the main glock loop came in though, because they destroy any distinctions between the what notes are playing. I'm quite into soundscapes and the like : )

Thanks for ripping me to shreds. Just wait until you hear my electro shit haha...

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