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Great snes game soundtrack: The flintstones - movie edition

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Yeah, you heard that correctly. I'm not sorry for the caps lock, either. This game's soundtrack deserves it. (edit: Uh, the site automatically corrected the topic title to be lowercase.)

Every track is pure gold, pretty much. (Check track 06 for a very Michael Jackson feel.) Though it starts out with a generic (from what little I heard of it) Flintstones main theme arrangement, and even has another one thrown in there, ...damn, the rest is one enjoyable song after another—incomparable to most all other sound-chip game soundtracks.

Word of warning: the sound is very quiet. I have a sound card that can make the sound really loud at low volume control; and I have to put everything almost to max just to enjoy this. Just find an EQ and bump up the preamp (I guess).

It starts becoming more average later on. I (actually) haven't heard the soundtrack to the end yet, however.

As far as exporting to WAV: I noticed that foobar2000's SPC plug-in doesn't have any faint hissing during really quiet sections (especially noticeable in track 02), and Winamp's Alpha-II SPC Player plug-in does. I'm not sure which one is more correct.

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From "best" to "great", also. :-P

I forgot about the ancient taboo of favorite threads on OCR. Not so sure about the admin modification though K I'LL STOP right there. (Nevertheless, finding this was very exciting for some reason, obviously.)

Anyway, this is another unique soundtrack. Very minimal(very!)/ambient/TechnoOfSomeSort-ish.

Not sure if I'll find more goods. Just searching in my folders for "_02" and "-02" at an attempt to find main themes of SNES games.

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