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arcadia (golden sun: vale remix)


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after seeing a request for golden sun remixes, i thought that i might as well post it here to get some feedback. it's just something short i put together using the vale bgm; sounds like a cross between yasunori mitsuda and motoi sakuraba, haha


remix: stats.png


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oh very nice and soothing. its a nice change of pace to hear especially in ocr. for some reason this reminds me of zelda. um my only problem with this piece happens to be the percussion (is it a konga?) it sounds kinda weak, i don't know maybe it's just me. other than that great work, i'll be looking forward to your next update.

Edit: oh yea i forgot to add that i like how it sounds so celtic-like. i can definitely hear some mitsuda in there, havn't heard of sakuraba i'll have to look in to that.

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Huh, it sounds like, as you said, Mitsuda doing the soundtrack for a Golden Sun remake for the Playstation :). It's quite nice.

If I recall the source correctly, it's basically the same as this, right? The production and such is very good, and the treatment of that source is nice, but I also can guarantee that OCR would not accept this, as they want to see some creative interpretation in it, as well (If you didn't write it for OCR, then there's no problem, for sure). If you continue into something that is more liberal with the source then I don't see too much of a problem with it, for OCR purposes (I personally like the sound of those bongo drums - they just seem a touch too close to the foreground, to me).

Keep working on this, though - if you plan on doing more with this theme I'm listening :).

EDIT: Oops, the source is right there, lol. I didn't see it :P.

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