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New original/demo: "Ai no Uta" - Song of Love (Orchestral/Anime OST/Romance)


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Hello all! I am back once again with a new track, called "Ai no Uta" (愛の歌), which means "Song of Love".

This track was composed this month in several small sessions during a relatively complex emotional/sentimental period. I chose to name the track in Japanese, after a few of my "beta" listeners pointed that the mood would work well for a "lovers" theme in an innocent anime of sorts. I thought that was a pretty fit description. So think love, sunny hills, innocence & true happiness! :) There is no MP3 download yet, but I promise that all music I've released lately will be available for downloading at my upcoming website! (hopefully debuting at the start of August)

“Ai no Uta ( 愛の歌 )” : http://www.kongregate.com/collabs/sounds/Xavier_Dang/ai-no-uta?sort=by_rating_this_week

The track is on the Kongregate website, and it is free for anyone to listen. However, if you could gently take the time to register and rate it (possibly 5 stars, but that is up to you;), I would definitely appreciate it as I am also engaged in a music contest organized by them, the registering process is fast, it is a spam-free website and all e-mail notifications can be turned off in the account settings. It is also a popular nest of incredibly fun free flash games, so do not hesitate if you like those.

Thank you very much for listening/reading & eventually commenting/rating, I will probably post an epic piece this weekend if I can find the strength to compose/produce it in time!

P.S.: For those of you who like what I create & have a Facebook account, please feel free to join my fan page over at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Xavier-mv-Dang/95099072731

I will update this about once or twice a week with new music, video game soundtrack announcements & website release. I'd appreciate your support as well! This second half of the year is going to be very active for me, musically & professionally-wise, I'm giving my all into it!

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