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My 8-Bit Antonio Carlos Jobim mix


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I made this today using the (free) 8-bit plugin from YMCK. antonio carlos jobim is one of my absolute favorite composers and his music especially lends itself to this type of "de-make". i think this came out pretty well, but wanted to see if i could get any expert opinions on what might make it sound more authentic. i followed all the rules that i know of; correct number of voices, unchanging velocities, and quantization, but this is my first 8 bit mix so some feedback would be great. thanks!


EDIT: link to the original:

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thanks! though i'm not sure what you mean by smooth. all i can really change are the wave types and the attack, though i may try messing around with the sounds more. i would do Wave but first i'm doing the entire "Composer of Desafinado Plays" album, because every song on there is just top notch and the arrangements really lend themselves to 8 bit. That, and I want to transcribe the whole record anyway cause the compositions/solos are just great. If you're interested, I just finished another:


This one in 8 bit really reminds me of the level 3 map select from SMB3. :razz:


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