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I love "Strange Sunset." It's one of my favorite tracks from the Street Fighter series, and you have a nice start here for sure!

It's missing the bit at 0:59 (

). I think that's what makes the song really memorable, at least for me because of the build up to it and drop back down to the mellow sound. Your mix seems to stay mellow from beginning to end, so it gets a little repetitive in my opinion. I thought the percussion build-up at 1:40 in your mix was going to lead up to something more.

It took you a year to put in the guitar solo? Well, it works. I really enjoyed its sound.

Keep working at it! This is sounding great so far!

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Jae's right in that it does get a bit repetitive, more variation in the drums would be cool, maybe more instruments thickening up the texture a bit? I was thinking some more percussion panned both sides would be nice too, just something to make it different each time around. Admittedly, it does sound good. The samples and stuff are very nice, they work well- I thought, however, that the subbass was a little overpowering, but I dunno if that's just because I've got my subwoofer turned up loud.

As for sax sounds, I think you'll wanna get someone to record it for you, I think that a soundfont might ruin it. You could ask The Prophet of Mephisto, no idea what sax he plays though, and I play some sax too, however there might be better options on the site itself.

Keep it up!

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