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  1. I actually tried to remix a song from this (Joker's Room), but it was "NO"ed because...well...I suck. But I agree, this game is underrated. It wasn't a fantastic fighting game, but the soundtrack is memorable (to me at least...and you too. Heh.)
  2. Well, I'd certainly bring the melody out more in this one. It's so quiet. The percussion pretty much carries the whole thing as it is the most dominating of the instruments you have. I like the variations in the beats and in the melody. It just feels like there was a great build-up in the beginning, but it never went anywhere because the tune remained so quiet. You may want to look into giving it a definite ending too. The fade-out isn't working well right now. Still, you have a nice base to work off of here. The arrangement is cool!
  3. I used to play French horn, so naturally, I love where you're going with this. That said, I think this was an ambitious song choice to remix, but you're definitely taking it on! I do like it. It sounds a tad "fake" at some parts with the brass instruments, especially around 0:30 with the French horns. I would really like for the percussion (and everything really) to go bigger at the end too! It sounds like a great song to have a big finish because right now it just sounds like it repeats itself. Still, I like the direction you're going with this, and I admire your song choice! Keep 'em coming!
  4. Hmm. It definitely sounds like the background is clashing with the foreground. The two don't seem to mesh well at all because they sound like they're in two completely different keys. The flute is also loud compared to everything else. What I do like is the background instrumentals and the rhythm that they create (not talking about the percussion part). That element flows nicely at least. Once the notes all fit together, I think you'll have a very nice foundation! Keep building!
  5. I uploaded the entire soundtrack to Super Bowling for the SNES on YouTube. It isn't a well-known game (just a run-of-the-mill bowling game), but it at least had a memorable soundtrack in my opinion. If you watch my upload for "Practice" and read the description in particular, you'll see why that song was at least memorable to me. Heh. I don't want to narrow it down because somebody here could make something out of all of them. Therefore, I'm just linking you to the playlist. Hope that's okay. If anyone wants to reference them, they're here. If not, that's fine too. They're all pretty simple and repetitive compositionally, so it would be cool to see them stretched out.
  6. I love this! It's such a fun song, and you know, I could hear this being played as the credits to a Mario Baseball game. It has a Mario sports vibe going for it.
  7. The arrangement sounds really cool. I'd add maybe some improvised area in the piece so that it isn't just repeating the same phrases over and over again. Variety in the arrangement is greatly needed because it does sound repetitive and a lot like the original. The ending is abrupt also. However, you have a great rhythm going, and what sounds good about the arrangement is that you clearly have a musical ear in knowing which notes work. Play around with synth volumes because in some areas, they fight with each other. When they do that, it becomes distorted, and the end result is a mixture of clear sound followed by an "underwater" sound. Still, this is a very nice starting point for you, so I would encourage you to keep working on it if you're thinking about it!
  8. It sounds soooo much better. I love hearing the backing synth in the background where it belongs because it gives the piece more character there. The backup parts give the song so much interest. Also what I heard as mud before isn't there anymore. None of the instruments are fighting with each other. When the main guitar does those small hiccups near the end (I want to call them glissandos, but that's not what the right musical term...ugh), I loved it. That little bit of personalization added so much at the end to separate it from the lead guitar that played before. There were some in the other part, but I guess they weren't as pronounced (and that's fine! there needs to be variety, and for the most part, you have it!). After three listens, that's really all I have to say. A bit more complimentary, but I'd definitely keep working on this. Keep playing around with the volumes because it is a bit too "in your face" at times while the main synth and guitar are playing together, but you don't want to lose ALL of the "in your face" qualities of this piece since it pretty much requires it! Great work so far! Edit - Actually after listening again (can't get enough of it, I guess ) the main synth playing with the main guitar towards the end didn't bug me. Still, some tweaking with it could work in your favor if you give it another listen and feel the same way.
  9. I really like this tune. The arrangement you have here is really working in your favor. My critique would be that it is pretty muddy in some areas. I wish I could pick out the areas in the piece that it sounds that way, but there is no clock on Tindeck. Heh. It's mostly with the higher pitched instrumentals fighting with each other to break through. One thing I think could help would be the synth that does the "bababa bababa baba bababa bababa baba" backing out a little and playing more in the background. I love the sound it makes, but it's fighting with the guitar and the main synth, and I would really like to hear those come through more. Don't take it out completely, of course. It makes a nice "broken up" background, and complements the longer notes strummed by the guitar. Definitely add some crescendos and decrescendos to your instruments though. The volume feels pretty static, but the arrangement itself is pretty solid right now!
  10. I haven't read the judges' comments on this yet, but I love this remix. My only critique is that it is too repetitive at some points (especially the piano parts). A little more improvisation would add a ton of interest. But yeah, it's great so far. Definitely keep working on it because it's seriously almost there, in my opinion.
  11. So I wanted to start out by saying that I've never heard the source tune, so I'm not sure how close you are to it or how far you stray. However, I do like the sound from 00:17 - 1:02. It's so mysterious and just nice to listen to. Perhaps different instrumentals would make it stand out, but I really like the strong bass presence there. I am not a fan of 1:03 - 1:21. Maybe you could keep the bass sound there, but have something higher pitched play the tune that you have beginning at 1:03 so it isn't so broken up. Experiment with that because from what I'm hearing, the melody is odd (and that's probably how it is in the source too). The rest really isn't bad. I just think it needs more depth. Since you said you're constantly working on it, I assume that's exactly what you're working on anyway, so I look forward to an update! You have something going here!
  12. Well, I think it's always a good sign when the listener feels something before even reading the remixer's notes. Beautiful work. I can listen to this over and over. I love the rhythm in the very beginning. It's a great lead into the song. I couldn't keep myself from moving with it.
  13. Very fun mix! Definitely lighthearted and upbeat. A nice piece to hear in the morning for sure.
  14. I was just looking up songs from this game the other day! It's one of those underrated fighting games for sure. Wiler was my favorite character, so his theme is naturally my favorite too. It'd be awesome to hear a remix from this game.
  15. I'm a big fan of Crystal Palace Crawl as well. The beginning has always reminded me of the X-Files theme. It as well as the Crystal King's boss theme are great. Monty Mole Attack is a good track too. I thought about mixing that one, but I think that one is too ambitious for me. It's true that this game deserves some love. Surely someone will get around to it.
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