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Wind Quartet telling the tale of Legend of Zelda

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Recently, there was a wind quartet that I wrote (in 2 movements) that I posted with the score on youtube as a video, but anyway, there was a Youtube user that posted a detailed description of how he envisioned the music telling a story about Link and Zelda in the music. I thought it was really interesting and relevant, so I wanted to share it with you guys as well. I'm interested in videogame music so I'm really interested in visual associations with music, and how music can tell a story or set a scene. I was amazed out how the comments fit in well with the specific points in the music, and was wondering if anyone else saw it the same way. General comments about the pieces are appreciated as well, but I thought the music-visual association that was suggested by the person was interesting and would be better discussed between other people who like BOTH videogames and music.

In A Lake - Life!

Snow is Falling:

I copied the comments from the channel here. They're posted on the "Snow is Falling" video.

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Beautiful. Makes? me wish I could dance Ballet, because listening to it puts in my head a story.\

..a zelda based story. Start out with Zelda and Link together, sitting? by a lake in a clearing. (in the first movement) they are talking, dancing, playing, being children. in the background, dancers representing deer and rabbits watch them. (I see the animals around 2 min into the song) around 3:18 things start to get a bit dark something is wrong, the dancers react. 4:00 the animals start to run off stage.

5:00 gannon(dorf) shows up, but hidden from Zelda and Link. around 5:30 she takes Zelda without Link seeing. Begin Second movement. Link looks for Zelda, can't find her. Runs around 'calling' for her. Faerie shows up around 1:10, tells him what happened. They maybe go to a town, ask people if they know what to? do... end up at the temple of time. 1:50 changes into old link at 2:30 he enters a forest. There is snow, and monsters. He battles his way through.

he makes it to a dungeon. Enters, and battles his way through. In the music I can see him sneaking through each room, fighting as guards see him. 5:00 is the boss fight.? 5:24 boss is dead. 5:33 receive the triforce. (Just what I saw)

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whoever posted those comments thinks entirely too much about Zelda, but I have to admit, In a Lake does sound a bit like Koji :D i thought these were great, though I didn't see any particular scenes during the music. i think there's a bit too much going on for it to be triggering my cinematic imagination. i preferred In a Lake to Snow Is Falling though. good work!

looks like you're using finale? i think your samples sound pretty decent, what are you using, if you don't mind me asking?

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