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this song I've been working on and off for about a month and a half. I really like the way its coming out. in fact, its probably my favorite composition yet. I chose a path that doesnt really follow the standard way a song is layed out. such as the melodic, solo type part plays twice in the song. the second time is raised by two notes, and has a faster tempo. I sort of like how it plays twice (probably because thats my favorite part) but Im not sure how others will like it. so let me know what you what you think about that part.

right now Im using real strat for all the guitars, but most will probably be switched over to prominy LPC when its done, because it sounds more realistic. I also feel I need to work on some transitions in the song.

any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


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sounds pretty good, dude. i think it would be good if you found someone to write and sing lyrics for this, but there's always a place for instrumental tracks. this is quite a spot-on feel good track, gotta say you nailed it if that's what you're going for.

hey thanks for the comment! it really means a lot :D

This song actually has a sad story behind it, but it was meant to give off good feelings to me, and others around me.

Thanks agian!

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