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  1. Hey everyone, Im trying to find a way to hook up my Polk Audio home theater sub with my Adam A7 monitors. My monitors are currently hooked up to an MBOX 2 soundcard consol through the XLR ports. My sub just uses a standard subwoofer in port. Is there possibly some sort of crossover unit or mixer I can use to split the signal? or even a way I can connect a signal to the sub directly? I'm only going to rig this up temporarily so its not for any sort of monitoring purpouses. Thanks, -Greg
  2. The song is complete. Lead guitars I used Pominy LPC, rhythm guitars are recordings of my Shecter Diamond Series guitar. I used amplitube for the distortions, and all the other sampled instruments are from East West; Ministry of rock, Symphonic Orchestra, and Storm Drum 2. http://soundcloud.com/lithe/moment-of-falling-1
  3. I grew up with the origional sonic games sonic games. sonic has been my favorite video game and character since I was a kid. I think Sonic 4 is great. as far as the music, it has very close to that origional feel (after all the music was composed by someone who composed a few tracks in sonic 3 and sonic & knuckles). my only real complaint is the physics. needs a lot of touching up. also I agree that sonic feels a bit too zoomed in. another problem is the the small amount of levels (though the changes from each act almost make up for it... and after all, it is only episode 1!) heres what I would rate the game graphics.......8/10 art............9/10 physics........3/10 classic feel...7/10 music..........8/10 over all.......7.5/10
  4. I havent posted anything up on this site for over a year... This is an interesting new take on my style. The track isnt mastered yet (some instruments need volume levels adjusted, ect.), but let me know what you guys think of the composing and transitioning. http://soundcloud.com/lithe/moment-of-falling-1 If the track starts off too mellow for your taste, wait about half way through!
  5. I actually wouldnt do it that way. I dont want to get neck surgery in a few years because I have bad technique. you can damage your voice from more than just screaming, but even just singing the wrong way. though its less likely. Im starting to learn that almost everyone is capable of singing like a god if they learn proper technique. and learning with improper technique may just end up giving you more bad habbits to get over. You are VERY right though that you have to just let everything out and forget about your surroundings. its helping me a lot. and outside of music, its helping me learn to care less about things and be more confident in myself. I've been practicing my grit for the last few days and Im noticing great improvement. I practiced for over 2 hours yesterday and after I cooled down my voice with lip bubbles and a few hums, my voice wasnt effected one bit. Im gonna buy Jamie Venderas "raise your voice complete" this weekend.
  6. I think I got it! the technique is called grit. and unlike metal where you sing from your diaphragm, grit you sing above your throat. nearly the same area you use to sing in your head voice. heres a short Jamie Vendera lessen where he teaches some girl how to do it. I was thinking of purchasing his books for a while. I think ill do so soon!
  7. I see tons of tutorials and videos out there describing how to scream. but they all have one simple problem. I dont care to learn a heavy metal scream or grunt. I want to learn a straight up, rock style scream like 30 seconds to mars, or similar. I can sort of scream from my chest voice but when I try to scream from my head voice it never comes out. Im told that screaming in any way, you should never use your throat. I also hear you shouldnt put much effort into it. but how are you supposed to produce these sounds withought using your throat or any effort? does anyone know the trick, or can lead me to a good tutorial on how to do this?
  8. Anyone get WordBuilder working with Pro Tools 8.0.4 in Winows 7, 64 bit? I cant get MIDI Yoke to work properly in 7, so I installed a software called LoopBe1. Once I get everything linked together, I try hitting a note on my keyboard. It sounds like its struggling to make the word until a few of the channels get stuck in a loop. Anybody know whats the cause of this issue?
  9. I just got battlefield bad company 2 for my 360. first few days Ive played, I had no problems with playing online. now, ever since monday I havent been able to connect. same damn error "failed to connect to EA online". I heard that EA has some server issues, but not being able to connect for multiple days in a row is just BS. I've googled for answers, tried EA's web page but no valuable help found. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? or is EA doing some major work to their servers?
  10. yeah it is. but with my type of music, I have a lot more uses with ministry of rock. and it sounds surprisingly realistic for how much memory it takes. pretty much everything I've heard from East West sounds amazing! I just cant wait to get a PC upgrade so I can get word builder working with symphonic choirs properly =/
  11. true. but I think it was like $150 for the upgrade at RSPE audio. I got the whole package, replaced voices of passion with ministry of rock and all together with tax it was $1090...
  12. your right about storm drum. I can see that it lightly shows up in the right channel while its so much stronger in the left that the right is not even noticable. yeah I forgot that I was actually planning on upgrading to platnum for the different mic positions but I forgot! lol oh well =P well I was having lots of trouble with most of them until I finnished installing everything. now all seems to be working well! I guess because its sold in a pack, they're are meant to work together... its been about 6 months since I composed anything. I was just so bored with all my lame old limited samples. now time for some fun! =D
  13. I just recently picked up the Comple Composers Collection, East West - Quantum Leap, Play edition. To my surprise, there is about 2lb of a massive stack of DVD's and a single printed out sheet of paper with the most basic of instructions for the install. Im running into some strange issues that maybe a few of you out there can help me fix along the way. the first issue Im having is with the Symphonic Orchistra Gold Edition. it gives my the option to install the Silver edition or the Gold. I just went straight for the gold. am I supposed to install the silver first? when I load up ANY instrument from the it, a window pops up saying "required samples not found! please locate sample library folder" I find it for it, and then it loads the samples. my next issue is it only lets me use the stage mic. I try to use the close and surround mic's but it has the same error but cant find the samples. the next problem is with Storm Drum. this is a very small problem but a weird one. some drum sample kits will only load on the left or right speaker. dont ask me how... so far I only installed those two and Ministry of Rock, but Im not having any trouble with MoR. I'll post more questions/problems if I have any with the others. and Im using Pro Tools LE 7, but Im testing everything out on the stand alone player. its having the same trouble in pro tools though... Thanks for any future help!
  14. whats the difference between the Studio edition and the Editor edition of Melodyne?
  15. well the reason I want to do this, is because I prefer gaming with a controller, laying back and relaxing after work, rather than going back to a mouse and keyboard on a desk. but I absolutely hate using the analog to look around. I always thought they should replace the right thumb stick with a trackball. I have experience building and machining things, so I thought this would be a fun project! It also would be too much fun pwning my friends that spend 10X as much as I do gaming =P Im still going to look a little more into this before I decide to start this project.
  16. I want to make an xbox 360 controller mod, by replacing the right thumb stick with a trackball. the plan is to mod a usb powered xbox 360 controller. I will have an additional usb cable coming from the trackball that Im going to build into the controller. I plan on buying a mouse and keyboard adapter for the 360... http://www.totalconsole.com/servlet/the-227/xfps-xcm-360-sniper/Detail the plan is to plug the 360 controller into the keyboard jack, and the usb trackball into the mouse jack. now the main question is, will the 360 controller work through the adapter if its plugged into the keyboard jack? ...another question, does anyone have any experience with these mouse/keyboard adapters? if so, whats your thoughts on them?
  17. I havent tried superior drummer yet, but Im extremely happy with addictive drums! I have ez drummer and dfh expansion, but I always end up turning back to addictive drums. ez drummers kick drums sound really washed out and missing low frequencies. in other words I cant make it sound powerful and "punchy" no matter how I adjust it. though I do enjoy it for all the cymbals and crashes. addictive drums is also really easy to tweak it to make it sound the way you want, and well worth the investment. I listened to the demos and I love that "narwhal - wash me away" song! too bad you cant download the demos like the EWQL demos
  18. I really wanted to get this, but throwing that much money at it would be difficult... then I saw that you can customize it! replacing voices of passion with ministry of rock and only adding 40 bucks? Im sold http://www.soundsonline.com/Complete-Composers-Collection-PLAY-Edition-Customize-pr-EW-189C.html
  19. http://www.digidesign.com/index.cfm?navid=48&langid=100&itemid=38973 I guess I'll wait a bit to install windows 7
  20. I just got pro tools m-box the other week and I installed it on windows xp. The other day my teacher for my web design class said he could get the whole class free copies of windows 7. Is there anything I should know before I try installing pro tools on windows 7? Im asking this because I know that you have to disable a few features on xp before installing it, and windows 7 has a lot of new features...
  21. the intro is too repetitive and long. I like the part when the beat comes in, but it happens very abrupt. you need a build up going into the beat. also, other than the beat, I don't notice any changes from the original. Dont get me wrong, I love the original track. But if you want it to pass the judges, you need some of your own original composing added to it. I also agree that the kick should be stronger. I love the way the kick sounds, it just needs to be a bit more punchy and powerful!
  22. honestly I think my best bet is doing a cover. by doing that I could keep the quality, and it could probably inspire some of my work. If I end up making a cover Ill post it up!
  23. the sonic games got be into skateboarding vert and bowls. Influenced my style of skating too. I actually dont think Id be the same person, as far as my lifestyle goes, if it werent for video games.
  24. yeah but when you screw with the original track to try to take out the lyrics it lowers the quality a lot. I was thinking of doing a cover but that would be a pain in the ass
  25. I cant get over how cool the beginning of the song "Prequel to the sequel" sounds. but personally I cant stand metal vocals anyone know where I can get the backing track for this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWNMMuQzm-A or at least any other of their songs
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