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Electro/Thrash WIP


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So, I don't actually know what this is, but it's supposed to be something like electro/thrash. Chiptune + violin + retarded drums that need some work and are supposed to be crazier and fuller sounding than they are. Ideally, this would have some thrash vocals thrown in there, but unfortunately I don't know anyone like Alice Glass. I would try it out myself, because I think it would sound cool, but I don't have the proper equipment. I started it last night and threw on some compression today. I kind of like where it's at, but I think vocals would complete it...


Feel free to check out my FF6 remix WIP if you're interested (totally different style):


I'll try to get some comments in on some of your guys WIPs today. I've been slacking because of the ff6 remix...

We all know ocr originals feedback is a labour of love... :grin:

EDIT: So, after coming to work and listening to the WIP again, I've decided it's complete shit, and nobody should listen to it. It's never a good idea to post a WIP that's not even remotely close to finished. 8-) I might update it later to make it less shitty, but spare yourself the pain of listening for now... -_-

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WIP2 is closer to what I was going for. First half still needs work, but... I like the second half. It's more the thrash / 8-bit concussion wave meets post-rock style that I'm going for. I'll probably cut off the synth feedback in the next update at the end, so it's just the distortion and feedback that kind of echoes out. Think it would sound cool.

I'm really interested to hear comments, but this is ocr originals, so... I'll wait :grin:


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This was a very interesting listen through. It almost kinda reminds me of a Halo soundtrack slightly. Just most thrash, as you were going for.

The synth in the beginning is pretty cool and flows very nicely. Those drum rolls in the beginning are kinda cool as well. I think the drums need a slight EQing. Maybe bringing the highs up ever so slightly to help bring the drums forward a little bit. When everything kinda jumps in and gains volume towards 1:30, it seems to cause some clipping and unwanted distortion. I think maybe lowering all the volumes of all the tracks a couple will solve this problem. Cause when the track hits that point again, it'll still have that same epic effect. Just won't cause some unwanted clipping. Also, adding some slightly more compression for the whole track might also fix that problem.

All in all though man, its a tight track and an interesting idea. I can see it being an intro track to a kick ass thrash album!

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