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Emu Quesiton (Please don't burn me at the stake)

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Hello Community - Long time reader/listener, infrequent poster (i.e newb)

I've been around enough to know that this subject is taboo, but not long enough to know if it will get the thread locked, me banned or at least flamed to a crisp...

I use emulators, it's in the open, kay? If you morally object to that, please try and go your own way instead of trying to change my beliefs (or turning me into the fbi...)

I also own just about every major system, and tons of games for each. Most of the games I emulate I own, or at one point did.

So I am in the process of building my awesome home theater. It's going to be sweet, it also may bankrupt me. Ah well...

Although I have the systems and will hook em all up, I was thinking it would be nice to have a dedicated emulator rig, to be able to play NES, SNES, & Sega games with a little less fuss (and blowing in cartridges). I also like the improved graphics filters (and it really helps when you blow those 15 year old graphics up onto a 119" screen). I have gotten N64 emulators to work for some games, as well as ps1, but I honestly had more trouble with them then they seemed to be worth.

I own an Imac (the newest and best one) but it's upstairs in my office. I could always hook it up to the theater downstairs, run boot camp (cause windows emulation seems a lot easier then mac) install the app on my iphone to control it from down there...etc etc but it's a lot of work...

I'd like to buy and setup a dedicated emu rig in my theater. In wouldn't have to do anything other then play SNES, Genesis & Nes games at their highest quality, speed and res the emu's can produce, and I'd be happy. If I could get dreamcast, N64 and ps1 going I'd consider it a bonus. It won't have to do anything else. Could I stay below about $350 and get something that would work for that theses days? (Like I said, this room is going to bankrupt me!) If so, is there a desktop you would recommend, or miniumum processor, ram suggestions, and most importantly what kind of graphics card?

Any help with this would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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