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  1. If you don't end up with an even 32, why don't you just randomly draw some first round bye's? It would be a shame if for instance you had 30 people who wanted to participate, and ended up cutting 14 of them! Just have 2 people sit out round 1 (28 would compete) and then you get a nice bracket of 16 for round 2.... If you had say 17 people, create some type of a "pigtail" match where 2 people are randomly drawn, and have to compete to get into the bracket of 16. Anyways I just think there's plenty of ways to make it work without having to completely cut people out who want to participate.
  2. When they finally can make a new sonic game that doesn't have input lag, I'll give it a shot. Seriously, tight controls is one of the only things you need to make an at least a halfway decent platformer.
  3. Thanks! I'll take a look at it.
  4. I have the itch to go back and play morrowind, but can't really stomach the old school graphics (I know I am spoiled by the HD generation) I was looking through the mods and I have 2 problems: 1) There are TONS to go through 2) Many of them require the expansions which I dont have, and would prefer not to hunt them down via torrent (not really big on pirating at all) nor do I really want to shop for em... So here is the questions: Any one know of a specific graphic improvement mod for the original Morrowind? Not looking for any fancy stuff, just want to see the original with nicer textures, mo
  5. Although I did love Chrono Cross, I can see where it wasn't really the sequel we were looking for. You know, I would agree with the concept that just about any type of follow up to chrono trigger would be a let down, except that I watched the entire play through of Crimson Echoes (was not originally planning too, but just couldn't stop) and they absolutely nailed it! Granted a big part of what made it incredible was the way it tied Trigger and Cross together, but the Time Travel consequence theme was played out very well! That was all done with the complex process of rom editing and a very
  6. Checked out the 3ds for the first time today at Target. Came away feeling the same way I did when checking out 3d tv's at best buy. The image never seems to stop being slightly soft, and when I got the 'sweet spot', I wasn't that blown away by the depth. (Played pilot wings btw) Played for about 1 minute, and my eyes hurt and had a slight headache. Maybe the 3d effect just isn't good for me. I don't see the new 3d fad sticking around (just like when they tried to introduce it years ago) unless it makes vast improvements. But a new DS is always exciting, and I would expect to see s
  7. I think this page would be infinitely better, if the reviews had to be done haiku style. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- An epic quest, huge world Dungeons, Puzzles, Sword-play, bombs! Best game of all time.... Mmmm, really bad but I was hoping people better then me could follow up with some cool ones. I always kind of liked Haiku's (not that I've spent much time reading them), does that make me odd???
  8. Does the XBOX really emulate those systems as well as a decent pc? I know you have to mod it, is that difficult?

    Also, does the XBOX 360 do it as well, because I've considered getting one anyways (already have a ps3)

  9. Hello Community - Long time reader/listener, infrequent poster (i.e newb) I've been around enough to know that this subject is taboo, but not long enough to know if it will get the thread locked, me banned or at least flamed to a crisp... I use emulators, it's in the open, kay? If you morally object to that, please try and go your own way instead of trying to change my beliefs (or turning me into the fbi...) I also own just about every major system, and tons of games for each. Most of the games I emulate I own, or at one point did. So I am in the process of building my awesome home theater
  10. Back when voodoo graphics cards had passed their prime, and were going out of business, I bought one at a discount price from Best Buy. It was pretty funny to open the box and find a roll of pennies instead of a graphics card! Best Buy took it back, no problem. This was a while ago but the DS story brought the memory back.
  11. Really great mix here, especially the sound quality, Iv'e heard very few songs on OCR that can match it's quality of sound. I like the intro I agree that it adds flavor to the song, my question is can anyone (maybe mustin himself) transelate some or all of what the guy on the radio is saying in Spanish? Just curious that's all. Keep up the good work.
  12. Darksword you done it again man I just wanna give you props for this song and all the others. When I see a mix of yours I DL it w/o question, keep up the good work.
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