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Streets of Rage (Ending) - Arranged


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not bad, but it needs more work. it's not gonna make it past the judges as-is.

that beat gets tiresome, fast.

strings/choirs that come in right from the beginning are TOO LOUD and they stay that way the entire song. needs some dynamic variation.

cool lead but it's totally buried under the strings. the piano is a bit dull and fakey sounding.

lots of repetition and not enough variation throughout.

your samples aren't too bad - everything just needs some balance.

i know you've already submitted this, but i would really consider giving this some more work instead of sitting around in anticipation for the next 6 months, just to see it get rejected.

it's good, but not good enough. please reconsider.

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Is this really arranged? Sounds to me like the original + intro pads and upgraded samples. Pretty much keeps the same mood and style as the original. As is, it is more a cover than a ReMix. As for production, halc already covered those issues, so I am not going to repeat what was said above.

This is enjoyable, but will get No'ed. Definitely try to work on the arrangement.

EDIT: For a second I thought I was crazy by not considering this piece to be arranged. But I guess after all the definition for arrangement I had in my mind was correct.

Per wikipedia:

"In music, an arrangement is either a rewriting of a piece of existing music with additional new material or a fleshing-out of a compositional sketch, such as a lead sheet. If a musical adaptation does not include new material, it is more accurately termed a transcription or orchestration."

Before people hate on wikipedia, per Britannica arrangement entails musical liberty in elaboration.

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