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Games whose music hasn't gotten enough notice.

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Hey guys, just thought I'd put my two cents in on songs that need some attention:

Shadow of the Colossus - A PS2 epic whose soundtrack gave me chills at times. I actually bought the game's soundtrack (unfortunately had to be imported) but listening to it made me realize there are a few songs that could definitely work in grand piano (Bladiator would be perfect for this) or even in techno or rock (Zircon).

Starfox - The original Starfox and the N64 version both had some very good music, just not seeing a lot of remixes for them. They might be worth a visit.

Twilight Princess - Great game, obviously. It had some great tunes too. Tattered Slippers is an excellent remix, one of my faves, but I really think some others could be made.

Okay, that's enough from me. Great site though, glad that you guys are bringing focus to the greatness of video game music.

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ok im down 4 the starfox (original) i will sifth through all of the miodi files untill i find a melody a like... im leaning toward the star wolf theme from the n64 one.. you know when they first are approaching..

Nice choice! that theme is awesome. Star Wolf Theme is a great song to make a remix to you can even use the one from SSBB and see how they remixed it to give you some ideas

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