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  1. www.soundcloud.com/chako ...pretzel told me to play no more heroes... and it definitely had some good sounds in there.. i need to goto gamestop and buy another used copy so i can finish it..lol thanx tho.. enjoy
  2. lol yeaaa it was one of the first songs i learned to play on the keyboard... that and resisdent evil code veronica's save room theme.... lol
  3. now i just have to find that midi file again...... its been years man..lol
  4. you're cool .. you're cool.. you weren;t who i was directing that at... moreso the person who linked to someone else's work via mine..lol if i re did this it would be utterly awesome.. the next remix i might do is the part on supermetroid when she's on top of the planet.. like right when she gets out of her spaceship..
  5. im glad to see people still respecting a 2001 mtv music generator mix where i cant even pull the session up anymore...lol i need a new emulator site with roms to all of the old games........... anyone?? i think i'll veer in snk's direction this go round
  6. ok ok.. whats good

  7. for all of you trying to harshly comment on a mix i did almost ten years ago on the MTV music generator (of which i cant even pull up the session files anymore) go f!king kill your self... my mixes now will definitly trump your life.. #amen www.soundcloud.com/chako
  8. ok im down 4 the starfox (original) i will sifth through all of the miodi files untill i find a melody a like... im leaning toward the star wolf theme from the n64 one.. you know when they first are approaching..
  9. maybe with over 90,000 people playing they cant afford the bandwith... hmm
  10. get studio monitors with the most "flat" sound as possible meaning they dont alter the actual sound image..
  11. any of you ever played lineage 2? i tried that one a while back.. it was pretty fun....ny lol
  12. it also stop mofos from hackin and flying around the map like a fukin tinkerbell or some shit..lol i dont blame them
  13. yea i never beat this ...but legend of legaia had some real sicccck boss music... and fatal fury was just that... fatal
  14. <<<< awwwl man sooo harsh.... lol goto the fruityloops website.. im sure they have streaming help for any possible situation u may face
  15. its simple... just get a ps3 for 299 and call it a day..
  16. i was just hummin this tune in my head today... im down hit me up chako.didit@gmail.com.. the music from the end credits right? ima do a brave fencer musashi one too
  17. adjust the adsr settings. like slow down the attack making it sound like a natural instrument rather than a keystroke from a midi board ya dig? so for example i always give my trumpets a somewhat slightly slower attack ..making it sound like the air is actually going through the instrument.. ya understand
  18. waddup wid a collabo... on sumting? awwwl man.. i got killer presets saved to achieve a master sound...

  19. wat is chat speak?

  20. did u kno that the late great king of pop(sir michael jackson) supposedly helped on some BGM's for sonic 2 (yes way back then) ...do ya research games rule the world
  21. we should easily win this.. all of them..lol
  22. I posted an FZEROish track on there today..
  23. now u know.... we've been doin dis type of shid for years... its our time to shine.. go forth.. live a legacy.. !!! iREP dat OCRemix
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