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  1. nice mix man.... it gave me some major nostalgia feel like playing the game now
  2. Maybe from the Persona series, Persona 3 "Burn My Dread" their are others but that's the one that comes to mind... I will see if i I can jog my memory and see if I can remember others
  3. Those two are good songs.... I wonder if they could make a remix of the song of that guy in that weird outfit who is obsessed with slowpokes.... sorry i don't know the name but it would be an interesting song to remix!
  4. Nice choice! that theme is awesome. Star Wolf Theme is a great song to make a remix to you can even use the one from SSBB and see how they remixed it to give you some ideas
  5. One more thing I forgot to mention... If anyone who has done this CD is interested I would like to make a suggestion to try and remix "Boss Battle 2" it is a pretty good song and from what I have seen in this CD i am sure you would make it sound even more awesome
  6. I have not heard such well done remixes in a long time and the remixers of this deserve so much props for this. The song "Darkness Dueling" is fantastic! and there are so many songs to complement. To all who had a part in this CD keep up the good work I wish to hear even more amazing songs in the future.
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