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OCR01959 - *YES* Radical Dreamers 'Thrash's Snakebone Pit' *RESUB*


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radical dreamers

snakebone manor

original verdict:


One of several tracks from my early days at OCR, this was an arrangement I really liked, but I didn't have the production skills to pull off. It turned out ok enough for the RD project, but I had sortof forgotten about it until The_Mighty_KELP left me a message asking if i'd spruce this up. I had a little bit of time, and thought maybe by now I could do it justice. Hopefully it's the case. :-)

It's sortof a super spy themed version of the track, and there's a lot of texture goin on.


http://snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=rd - "Snakebone Mansion" ( rd-06.spc)

The last decision didn't make much mention of the arrangement, but it sounded pretty liberal to me apart from the "choruses". I'd love for OA or someone else to break this down for me, I'm probably missing something obvious. As for the production, the staccato strings at 0:10 stood out as sounding unrealistic and loud, but the rest sounded great. So this is a YES as long as the arrangement checks out. Might want to chop off some silence at the end tho.

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just some quick notes-


*wah'ed synth is doing the 4 chord pattern that the strings use in the


*marcato strings playing a variation of the pizzicato strings of the original.


*bass is the original bass part but smooshed together with the rests removed. (so hopefully Larry will like it more :<)


*main bell melody in the strings


*marcato string counterpoint is the pizzicato from the source, with the upbeat notes removed


near verbatim of :50 of the original

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This is a highly interpretive mix, and pretty darn well done. I don't think I ever heard the original, so here's a fresh listen.

Nice job with the overall groove shift. Source is pretty laid back and quirky, kind of makes me think of some kind of cartoony late-night robbery or something, and then OA force fed it a box of power bars or something.

Thanks for the breakdown, but I'd also say that the connections are reasonably identifiable even without the assist. Production sounds pretty well-balanced, the kick isn't muffled with the bass, guitar sounds pretty solid (both performance and mixwise) strings are decent--maybe a little over-exposed towards the beginning but that gets remedied quickly, and for whatever reason, I really dig the overall tone of the drums.


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Don't remember the original mix, but the breakdown makes it pretty obvious that this is fine in terms of arrangement. Picked up on the source use fairly easily. The production is pretty capable, bit of a strange guitar lead tone though. Everything is very audible, nice separation between parts. All round pretty coo job.

Although one day I'll be able to vote on your tracks without being going "urrrrrgh AD compresshun!!!!111one".


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Who is this OA? Sum noob?

Arrangement was a bit hard to get at first but I think it was because I wasn't used to the source. After listening through it a couple of times and reading your info on it, I feel it's close enough to the source. Bass really helped it. Arrangement is all kinds of great on a compositional level too, very nice.

Production is not the best I've heard but definitely passable. Guitar lead's thin, bass sounds a bit metallic and the mix sounds a bit sparse. Could've used some more careful balance and attention to the lower frequencies.

Still, this remix is pretty cool and I'm happy to give it a pass.


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