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Guile Theme Remix (Street Fighter 2)


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Just finished mastering a remix for the Guile Theme from Street Fighter 2 and wanted to have your feedback before I submit it...

To download / listen in better quality than Youtube you can check out the soundcloud page or my myspace for the track:


I use Ableton Live 7...

Cheers, :wink:


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Well, I can say that your remix is good enough to submission

(I listened so many remixes but your version got a particular and original details)

(the arrange is so great, the ambience from beginning) it's great for me its ready to submission NOW!


Keep Rocking!:-o

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It's really bass heavy... kinda sounds muddy to me because what is in the higher registers is quiet in comparison.

Also, for a 6:47 minute work, you'd need about 3:30 (24) minutes of something related to Guile's theme for source dominance. As it stands, you say there's 1:00-3:00, only 2 minutes; plus the way it's structured doesn't make the source dominant in this work - it doesn't sound really present at all after 3:00.

As it stands, it doesn't seem passable. But that can be changed with a little bit of restructuring (post 3:00 - i think that breakdown idea is good but you should probably find a way to get back to Guile's theme) and remastering.

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