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  1. Well, I'm not an expert, and I cannot speak technically, but I liked what I heard.
  2. It's not for OCR, cause it's close to the original, but it's balanced, everything sounds fine and I'm downloading it.
  3. It sounds very mid-ish, but I see potential.
  4. I'm glad you decided to remix this song. I like v.5 because it is more suspenseful and powerful than v.6. If you want to continue your work from v.6., I advise you to listen to Mega Man X6 intro stage song. It has an epic feeling to and may give you some ideas.
  5. I mixed two songs, Severnaya surface and water caverns, cellos and piano only. Original ones: Surface: Caverns: "Frozen caverns" remix here: http://soundcloud.com/rekne/frozencaverns
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