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Headhunterz remix-ish


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Hi, practicing with Fruity Loops and I managed to create this semi-decent tune utilizing the melody from the Headhunterz track Power of the Mind, the Qlimax 2007 Anthem. Lemme know what you think! Also, if anyone can help me with the EQ of it, I have no idea how to use either of the Parametric EQs included with Fruity Loops Studio 9


Revision One:


I messed with the beginning a bit, I'm finally able to do things that I wanted to do with certain stuff because I understand The Automation Control or whatever it's called. I think this revision sounds a crapton better than my original post. Lemme know what you think!

"Final" Revision":


Not actually the final revision, as I finally got some feedback on it. Anyway, this one is a streaming version, so you don't have to download it. It may take a few seconds to load, especially on older computers. Messed with the Parametric EQ a bit to make the bass stronger in some parts, definitely had some serious Automation Clips going, and, all in all, I think this is my best solo experiment in FL Studio so far ^^


I've just now noticed that you can't stream wav's from the WIP site, so I'm working on uploading MP3s. These will probably be lower quality, but it will work for those of you who don't want to download. Expect those sometime later today.

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Alright, I will definitely try that. I have what I was referring to as the final version because I was done messing with it since I didn't have any more ideas on improving it, so I will be working more as I go. Ignore the "Final" bit of the newest revision. What started as a "learning the ropes" project in automation clips and Vanguard has turned into a full-fledged project. Anyway, got the streaming MP3 version of the newest one, as well as a full quality wav version on request.


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Also, don't worry too much about mp3 quality, most people won't hear the difference between a 128k mp3 and a wav, anyway.

on the other hand, try using good rendering settings, that is high-rate interpolation and dithering.

Meh, doesn't matter anyway, did a full system restore on my computer, backed up everything, it seems, but the .flp of this song >.<

Took a crash course in Music Theory though, so I may be doing original works soon...

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