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  1. LOL you just created it, didn't you? Well, it was about time! Ok, no problem, i'll delete mine^^
  2. Can i use the OCR logo for a Souncloud group? Not sure about who i'm supposed to ask. I guess it's no big deal anyway.
  3. Well, that was fast!

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Hi there!

    Thanks you for creating the ocremix group on souncloud,

    now, would you mind keeping it updated?

    I think souncloud could be a great platform for hosting remixes and spreading OCR's fame around the web.

    Maybe you don't have time for this,

    if so, could you please make me a moderator?

    I'd gladly do whatever it takes to make this group live.

  5. "a few chords"? Actually, the whole intro sounds pretty much the same.
  6. Here's a link to the article : http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/mar/17/naomi-alderman-the-player
  7. No way! you better leave some for us! XD
  8. Yum yum! This could be sweet! i've just listened to your mix, that could be awesome... maybe adding some overdriven guitar powerchords^^
  9. Hello there. Just to say that i've managed to work a couple of hours on my track (finally! O_o) and it's nearly finished (that could be in a month or two, though). Does it really matter if some tracks are covered more than once?
  10. Also, don't worry too much about mp3 quality, most people won't hear the difference between a 128k mp3 and a wav, anyway. on the other hand, try using good rendering settings, that is high-rate interpolation and dithering.
  11. select the region you want to play in the bar count area http://flstudio.image-line.com/help/html/playlist.htm hope this helps
  12. there is some improvement. Try using better drum samples and compression. Also, you can mess around with the melody, add some backing chords (with another synth)...
  13. oops, wasn't supposed to post in the visitors messages... Fail.

    Sending you a PM right away

  14. Hello everybody. I've been working on my track, but since i was not able to get a proper lead sound, i was wondering if anyone would be interested in playing the theme and solo parts of I Sing.
  15. Hi there,

    i've seen your post in the FL section. I'm sorry I just don't have the time right now to actually give you "lessons" (i'm no pro nor teacher anyway), but i will try to help you as i can.

    C ya around!

  16. was really tempted to tl;dr, but actually your post made me smile. I think i know how you feel about autodidaxy. I've been looking for tutorials and stuff myself for a while now. Most of them didn't teach me anything. Everyone can learn on their own. But I do think you can learn waaaay faster with someone to help you out. And, it can be a lot more fun. I'd gladly give you some advice, but i can't do much more right now. Your request is not ridiculous at all. I hope you will find someone to teach you.
  17. This guy is using Ableton Live. Not sure if it's possible on FL Studio, actually. Try this : switch to "Song" mode, enable "Loop record/Overdub" hit record, then play. There's more info on th help page : http://flstudio.image-line.com/help/html/panel_recording.htm
  18. Hello there. Post a link to the track, then we talk. Also, you could ask this on some FF fansite forum.
  19. Pavillon dv6000, you say? Then I guess you have a Conexant HD card. you should check out this post : http://mtippach.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=working&action=display&thread=1186&page=1#3387
  20. Hi there, Basic cards can't handle small buffer sizes. That's what the ASIO4ALL virtual drivers are for. Have you tried tweaking the advanced settings? What sound card do you have? maybe this can help: http://tippach.business.t-online.de/asio4all/faq.html
  21. What about the Sytrus? I use it a lot, even if it does sound a little weird, sometimes.
  22. I second that. Had the same problem with some plugins (i think it was Vanguard, among others) and they all had internal pitch bend range settings.
  23. Apparently, they've changed the "XXL Edition" to "Signature Bundle", but you get basicaly the same thing. The only thing really usefull in this package would be the Maximus. It's quite a powerful compressor/maximizer.
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