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Mirror's Edge - Still Alive (Remix)


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I've done a rather good job on this one, but... I need to know what I'm missing. The song is alive, has good progression and identifiable source as well as a unique canvas, but it just feels like there could be a little bit more. Any suggestions on this one?

EDIT: Link Updated. Did a little volume mastering & removed the bass spikes.

ADDED: YouTube Video (Do not depend on YT for the best quality, just an example vid)

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Sounds VERY good to me so far :-P

It sounds a bit too 'light' though I think. You may have wanted that but you should add a bass line behind to give it more depth. There was a version of 'Alcorus - Shine' (The Instrumental Theme) that started with a perfect one, but I haven't been able to find it again.

Should consider it...

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