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Album Release: VG-inspired music for your enjoyment! Advice appreciated!


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Hello, OCR. I know I just joined, and I really hope it's not presumptuous of me to push any type of music of mine down your throats, but I am just posting this here to get some feedback, and maybe some tips on how to improve myself when I go on to attempt some VG stuff.

I don't want this to sound like self-advertisement, so I hope it doesn't sound too needy.

Anyhoo, I didn't want to join this community without something under my belt in terms of music production, so I have myself a last.fm:


And on this last.fm, I tried my hand at making CUSTOM video-game INSPIRED tracks (not remixes, mind you. My own stuff):

Nowhere to Go but Forward


Cheesy album art by me. I kinda wanted the whole album to have a lot of cheese to it.

It's all free, by the way. I don't deserve to charge.

Now, talking to a few pals here and there, the tracks they like most are:

Inconstant Madness

The Greatest Magician in the World

Organ Grinder (especially; people seem to love this)

And I use Fruity Loops with a SHIT-load of free samples (mostly stuff I found on the great Darkesword's website, ha ha).

Again, I ask (if only for those three tracks; listen to the others at your discretion, heh) for any advice, not only in terms of composition, but what i am most in need of help in, EQing and mastering. So much help, that I don't even know what EQing means!

If this is ignored, I'm fine with that, but I just also wanted to show (as I said earlier) that I don't want to be just some kid with the FL demo churning out a crappy loop-filled attempt at trance (nothing against trance).

I also hope it is not against the rules to post this topic. The rules for each section are all kinda spread out, so it's hard for a new-timer to keep track. Sorry if this is not kosher.

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A bump to see if there is any assessment of possible talent. Probably not, but lol.

As I said, these are the best of the bunch, but I think the whole set is pretty nice:

Inconstant Madness

Organ Grinder

And I honestly like Tears of a River more and more as the album ages:

Tears of a River

Provided links in this post to make it easier... FOR YOU TO LISTEN AHA!

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Inconstant Madness is an interesting piece. Nice use of diminished chords. My suggestion is to make the melody/lead a little more clear, unless you're going strictly for ambiance.

Organ Grinder demonstrates a good use of dissonance. The composition becomes particularly powerful around 1:00 into the song, at which point it begins to have a gothic blues feel that is akin to Castlevania music. Perhaps the song should provide an essence of classic organ grinding at some point.

Tears of a River does have a rather epic feel to it. It's well-done, and there's not much advice I can offer for it.

Keep up the good work!

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