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Final Fantasy Prelude Remix


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Yeah, you're in the right section sometimes it just takes a little while to get a response. This sections been pretty inactive for a few days too (could be the holidays?).

Great job for a first attempt! It does take a while to get used things and what better way to do it than give ReMixing a shot?

The mix is very close to the source for the first minute or so as it opens up exactly as the original does. Finally the drums are in full fledge at 1:45, but they are lacking any realistic dynamics or punch. I can understand the techno type genre you're going for, but it's pretty much a constant kick, clap, kick, clap with the exception of a few double kicks and claps, and no break down or being varied. Look more into compression for the kick to learn how to get that punch. Layering the clap with a snare or more claps can help it sound more full. It seems as though the kick looses a lot of it's punch as soon as it comes into the steady rhythm after the repeated kick build up.

Get rid of the whistle :P Unless you kind find better arrangement/quality for it. It just doesn't fit.

I really like the break down at 2:37. It's pretty much the most original part of your mix and has a great chip tune, glitch feel to it. See if you can extend that into the rest of the mix. I noticed there's no real bass presence before that section as well. Bass is essential to making your mix sound full. EQ the bass correctly to make sure it doesn't muddy up the kick or use side-chaining.

The pad and organ follow the source really closely and that's dangerous territory for getting rejected.

Don't ever give up! Starting out you get your work flow going and understanding what makes a song a song, but later you can learn more about mixing (panning, equalization, and the volume of each instrument) and arrangement to make the mix stand out more and make it more your own.

Happy ReMixing.

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I really don't care for the FF Prelude. I almost skipped this remix, just for that. But, i do care for this remix!

The intro is way to long, but when the techno kicks in, i start enjoying this song. I don't really think there's anything wrong with having the intro be close to the source, but one reason i don't care for the source is for its long, repetitious, and fairly uninteresting intro. The song could really start at 0:52 without much problem.

The arpeggio seems to stick exactly to the source except for the section where it's replaced (only temporarily)... I don't know if that's a problem or not, but it's something to take note of, i think.

Everything else's been said enough. Good luck and good work.

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Considering the genre and the mood, the prelude arpeggio running verbatim works pretty well for me.

Right now, the intro synth is kind of annoying. Its attack is a bit annoyingly long at some parts. You do take care of that by keeping it legato for the later half of the intro.

The sound reminds me of something of the early 1000s for OCRs - I don't know what it quite is, maybe that there's nothing really standing out? Even if you're going for a sort of minimalism, things can stand to be a bit louder - maybe try compression? I don't know.

Cool though.

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